Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November 9, 2015

Hey Everyone,

This week was a good one.  We didn't have as much success as I would have liked but we are still working hard.

The investigators are good.  It is always hard to get them to come to church when there is rain because even the members don't go when it is raining.  It was tough because it has been pretty ugly weather this week.  I sometimes feel like the weather is working against us.

My companion is good.  We get a along well so not much to complain about.  He's a good guy and I am training him well.  Training is coming to an end.  December 2nd are transfers and he will no longer be the new guy in the mission field.

Each week we teach gospel principles.  It's for new members and I teach it alone most of the time since my companion is still working on his spanish.  He is getting a lot better though.  It's a good class and I have learned how to teach a class so it has been a good experience for me.

I got the package you all sent and Allan and Marco say thank you.  For Christmas I am in need of deodorant and 2 long sleeved shirts.  I sent my shirts to be taken in and the cut off the sleeves.  Other than that I don't really need anything.  Maybe a new pair of black shorts for p-day.  I only have one pair and could probably use another pair.  I don't think it is possible but I would love a Dr. Pepper haha oh and maybe some wheat thins, I miss those a lot.  Other than that I am great.

I'm glad all is well with everyone at home.  I was in Asunción today because my companion had to fill out some papers for his visa.  I forgot to grab my camera when we left.  The computers here are bad as well so I probably wouldn't have been able to send them anyway.  I will do my  best for next week.

I hadn't heard of the new church announcement.  Don't worry about what people are saying, that is something I have learned especially being here.  It seems like everyone is against us so we need to be strong and remember God is always with us.  Especially when we are going through hard times.  Helaman 5:12 is a scripture I love a lot that I think will help you.  We have to build our house upon the rock of Christ and be strong.  Remember the wise man built his house upon the rock and the foolish man build his house upon the sand and the rain washed it away.  Stay faithful and know I am always praying for you every morning and night.

I love you

Elder Heugly

Sunday, November 8, 2015

November 2, 2015

Hello Everyone, 

I am really short on time this week so I am going to make this short so I can send some pictures.  

All is well with me. My rash is getting better little by little.  

We had a baptism this week and it was awesome.  Her name is Norma and I mentioned her in my last letter.  It was a great day.  

Allan and his family are doing great.  His Mom added Mom on Facebook.  She said she wants to know everything that I do after the mission. :) hahaha

Everything is going great with my companion.  He is doing an amazing job.  I should get the package tomorrow.  My zone leaders told me they have it.  Thanks for sending it, I can't wait to see what is inside and give the scriptures and ties to Allan and Marco.

I am so sorry this is so short this week.  We are really short on time today and I really want to send pictures so Mom knows I am alive. :) 

I love you all

Love Elder Heugly 

 Allan and Me with the Vargas Family

 Norma's Baptism

Norma's Baptism...what a great day :) 

Rashes and New Investigators...

Hey Everyone,

Things are going good here.  This past week has been a great one.  We were able to  find so many new investigators, it was incredible.

We focused this past week a lot on finding people.  We visited members asking them for people we could visit and we had a lot of success with that.  We were able to find 15 people to teach this week.

We have a baptism this coming Saturday.  The sister we are baptizing rejected the missionaries for almost 5 years.  Her daughter's were just baptized recently and now she has decided it is her turn.  It was a real testimony builder that there are people waiting for me to find them.

My favorite experience this week was giving a talk in church.  My companion gave his first talk and said the gospel is like chocolate milk.  It's delicious and everyone wants it so we need to invite others to try it.  It was pretty funny.  We give talks every 4th sunday and this week we both talked about mission work.  We actually give a lot of talks and we also teach a class every Sunday.

I am excited I wasn't transferred.  I think I will finish up training and then I will end up being moved but we will see.  Transfers are no fun even though I know they need to happen.  They don't tell you until super late and then we head out early in the morning. It makes saying Goodbye hard to do. :(

My rash is slowly getting better little by little.  The Dr. said it was an allergic reaction but isn't quite sure what to.  He said I have to watch what I touch and eat and don't do anything out of the normal.  UMMMM I'm in Paraguay!?! HAHAHA  Besides that everything is good here with me.

I love you all and hope you are all doing well

Elder Heugly

Monday, October 26, 2015

October 19, 2015

Hey Everyone,

So I have a nice rash all over my chest and legs and it stinks, but what can you do?  It's pretty itchy so I will be heading to the Dr. this week.  It's pretty far away and taking the bus isn't fun.  Don't worry though I will be just fine.  The church pays for me to see the Dr. but not for the travel and medicine.

Besides my rash this week was good.  Hard to top last week but it still was a great week.  We have 2 more baptisms set for the 31st and so that is exciting.

Church yesterday was good. It was the primary program so that is always fun to see.  The kids here are pretty naughty and love to cause trouble so it made the program pretty interesting.

There is no Halloween here but they do celebrate the day of the dead.  It's not the same as Halloween at all.

This week Allan was made our ward mission leader.  It is really awesome and I know he will do an amazing job!

The hardest thing so far on my mission has been learning the language.  At the beginning of the mission it was rough and definitely hard to not understand what people were saying.  I am so grateful I can say now that I can speak it perfectly. :)

When I feel the spirit the strongest is when we are testifying of our savior and the truthfulness of the gospel and the investigator feels the spirit as well.  Nothing better than this.

My favorite scripture is Alma 29:9  "I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it.  I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

I hope you are all doing well.  I love you all!
I will keep you posted on my rash, maybe Mom was right about having a worm. hahaha

Elder Heugly

October 12, 2015

Hey Everyone,

This past weekend was very busy and was definitely one I won't be able to forget.  It was incredible. Having 6 baptisms all in one day was a life changer.  I baptized Lia and Jazmina and My companion baptized Sol and Magali and then Allan baptized his brother Esteban and Marco baptized Stella.  It was an amazing experience to be apart of and made for one awesome picture.  It was an experience I will never forget!!

Things are really good right now.  We are working with a girl named Gloria and another woman named Norma.  Norma is the mother of Sol and Jazmin.  We are finding a lot of new people and I've come to learn that when I am the most obedient I receive the most blessings.

Things are still really good with my companion.  I would say he is well adjusted.  He is really doing great and learning his Spanish quickly.

The dentist was good last week so no worries.  I just had some teeth problems that needed to be fixed.  I think I already know my release date which is so strange.  The papers say I am going home on August 9th.  So strange to already know this and I know it is going to come up on me so quickly.  I really want you to come and get me.  I would love to take you around so you can meet all of the people I love so much.  It will be hard to say goodbye when the time comes.  I really do love the people here and love watching the gospel change their lives.

I will make sure and tell Allan hi from all of you.  If he can't read something he always asks me and I help him translate it.   Allan was able to baptize his younger brother and that was amazing to witness.  it was a real testimony builder for him. That would be so nice of you to send him and Marco a little package.  I know they would really appreciate it.

Thanks for all you do.
I love you all tons,

Elder Heugly

District Activity

Best day of my life! 

 Baptism of Stella, Magali and Lia with Me, Marco and Elder Kandare

 Baptism of Sol and Jazmina with Me and Elder Kandare

Baptism of Esteban with Me, Allan and Elder Kandare 

October 5, 2015

Hello Everyone,

My week was good, really good.  No exciting stories like last week but this week we had conference and I loved it.  I also went to the dentist with some teeth issues. The teeth issues were no fun but because I had to travel to see the dentist we got to eat at Mcdonalds so that was pretty exciting. haha  The door story is going to be hard to beat for sure.  I don't have to pay for the broken door so that is a good, they are just going to leave it as it is.

We are teaching a lot of people right now.  We have 6 baptisms this Saturday.  Yes 6! We are very excited for this.  It will be my companions first time baptizing anyone since he arrived in Paraguay so that is really exciting for him.  The 6 that will be baptized this week are Sol, Jazmin, Esteban, Magali, Lia and Estela.  They are great and we are super excited for them.

Things are going great with my companion.  He is learning really fast and is getting adjusted.  He is a fast learner.  The training is for 12 weeks and so changes would be December 2.  I could go before then but that would be  pretty unlikely.  I don't know if Allan will get his call before but I am hoping I am still here to see him open it.  He still has quite a bit to get done before he can submit his papers.

The mission president is great.  We had interviews about 2 weeks ago and I really like him.  He isn't the same as President Agazzani but still a really nice guy.

Elder Marzano is good.  I see him all the time so it is almost like he is still my companion.  He has a companion from Texas so his companion translates everything for him.  You can just write him in English.  I know he enjoys hearing from you.

Conference was so good this time.  I was able to watch all of the sessions in Spanish because someone had to sit with our investigators.  I learned a lot and loved all of it.  I especially loved the talk on Ponderize.  The scripture I would have you "Ponderize" is 3 Nephi 18:18-21.  It's a little longer but it talks about the importance of prayer in the family.

I also enjoyed the talk in the Saturday afternoon session given on what the spirit can do for us.  If we listen it can tell us everything we need to know.

I loved the picture of the Guarana.  The picture you sent me is the good stuff.  We can't even find that here.  I'm glad you got to try but I can't believe you didn't like it, it's amazing!!

I love you all and hope you have a great week.

Elder Heugly

Me at the Dentist

Pre Conference dinner at Allans house 

Conference with my district 

September 28, 2015

Hey Everyone,

Things are well here, No complaints.  Training is going good and things are good with my companion.  Our investigators are great and things are really progressing with my companion.  We are baptizing a lot.  We had a baptism on Saturday and then on October 10th we have 3 or 4 more and the on the 17th we have 3 more scheduled.  Pretty much things couldn't be better right now.

We have district meetings every Tuesday and then Zone activities and meetings every 2 or 3 months or so.  We only have activities once every change.  I have 6 Elders and 2 Hermanas in my zone and none of them are from the MTC.  Sadly I don't see any of them very much.

We had a very funny story happen at our baptism this last week.  I was the one performing the baptism so I went into the bathroom with Allan to change and we closed the door so nobody would come in. When we went to leave we couldn't get the door open.  We thought that someone was playing a joke on us and had locked the door but it turns out the door was just jammed.  We were stuck in the bathroom for about an hour and a half.  We tried to leave through a window but we couldn't fit and then we thought maybe we could fit through the ceiling but couldn't do that either.  We finally after an hour and a half had to kick the door down. :(  We were able to escape but the door is now broken.  It really was quite hilarious and the sister who was baptized will never forget her baptism day.  I was able to still perform the baptism and everything went well.  I will attach the picture so you can see it. ;)

I am looking forward to General Conference this year.  I will be headed to Nemby for it and will have investigators who will be coming as well.

So sorry for the short email this week.  I am really short on time and really want to send pictures.

All is well here.  Can't complain about all of the success we are having.

I love you all!
Elder Heugly

The Sealing 

Elder Heugly isn't always the greatest at telling us about the pictures but this picture stood out to us the most.  This cute man who was just sealed to his family looks so much like his best friend Ryan.  We have showed the picture to many people, even Ryan himself and everyone agrees.  

Elder Heugly, Elder Kandare and Allan 

Elder Kandare, Linsa and Elder Heugly 

Elder Heugly and the broken door

Linsa after being baptized.  A day she will never forget thanks to Elder Heugly being trapped in the bathroom for 1 1/2 hours ;) 

September 21, 2015

This week has been a busy week.  I helped build a house.  Yes you read that right, I helped build a house, and if I say so myself it is pretty nice.

The work here is good.  We are having a lot of success.  We have a baptism this week and then another one the next week and then another one the next week.  Pretty much everything is going well.  Not much to complain about.  My companion and I get a long well.  He is a quiet guy but we are helping him get over that. He did get sick last week but only for a day so he is good now.

Being a trainer has it's ups and downs but it is more good than bad.  Sometimes it can be hard and challenging being in charge.  Don't you ever worry though, I am always obedient!

I am officially down almost 70 pounds.  I weighed myself the other day.  I don't know where it has gone. I don't feel sick and luckily have only gotten sick the one time in the mission. I don't think I have a stomach worm or anything and if I do, oh well.  I really feel fine.  I eat whatever now and nothing seems to make me sick, I am pretty much used to everything here now.  No need to worry.  I really am good.  If I ever feel sick I will head to the doctor, no need to be worried.  We just walk a ton and it is crazy hot here so we sweat a ton!

Besides the weight things are good.  We have some great investigators right now.  This week a girl named Linsa will be baptized.  She is awesome.  All of her children are members and she is finally going to be baptized as well.  Her son is going to perform the baptism so that should be great to see.  We are just having a lot of success here.  I will really try and send pictures when I can.

Marco heads out the 13th of December so I think I will be gone from here when he leaves. :( Allan has to get his teeth fixed and then he can send in his papers.

Congratulations to Christian on his new job.  He will have to hook me up with a Mango Mountain Dew and a pretzel when I get home.

So awesome to hear about Kami and her mission call.  She will definitely be a great missionary.  The people of Romania are going to love her.

Have a great week and tell everyone I love them.

Con Amor,

El Famoso Elder Andrew Heugly

Family Meeting Elder Jensen

Our family made the drive to Castledale, Utah to meet one of Andrews favorite companions.  It was so good to meet him in person and to hear him talk about Paraguay and the wonderful experiences he had.  It didn't take long before we realized why Drew loved him so much.  

Training...September 14, 2015

Hello Everyone.  So sorry this is late again.  We went to clean the temple again this week.  It is an hour and a half a way  and we have to take the bus.  The buses are jammed full and its hot and we are always standing up.  It seriously wears me out.

This week has been amazing! Allan one of my friends in the area baptized our convert.  It was so great to see my companion get to experience his first baptism and see Allan baptizing someone.  He is getting ready to submit his papers soon and is going to be a great missionary.

The girl that was baptized was named Jenny.  Funny story but we ran out of water in our church so it was definitely a baptism to remember.  We ended up going all the way to another church to do the baptism.  Everything ended up working out great it was just a little funny there for a bit.

This past Saturday we were able to go to the temple with a family that I reactivated.  When you reactivate a family and they go through the temple you are able to go with them.  It was so great to see a sealing.  Just an amazing experience overall.

Elder Marzano was transferred but he is my District Leader so he always calls and when we do decisions I will be back with him.  It's almost like he never left.  I still see him all the time.  He came back and was the one to do our baptismal interview so I still get to see him. :)

Allan is a really great guy.  I really want to put together a mission package for him.  He really has nothing but he is always with us helping.  He is an amazing guy and a great example of what a missionary should be like.

Things are going great as a trainer.  We were able to have a baptism and go to the temple our first week so I really can't complain.  He's a good guy and is learning quick.  He's obedient and has a lot of desire to learn so there isn't anything to complain about.

The mission is just going so well.  We are working hard and seeing good results.  The competition with the youth ended because my companion was transferred but maybe we will start it up again with my new companion.  We will have to see.  One funny thing about my companion is he snores BAD. I am getting used to it but the first couple of nights killed me. hahaha

Dad asked me some questions...
Thing I love most here is the people.  They are awesome and I love being with them.  The greatest lesson I have learned from them is being faithful.  They have been faithful their whole lives in the church and have raised great kids.  They all have strong testimonies and aren't afraid to share it with anyone.
The best way to prepare for a mission would be to read your scriptures and preach my gospel and getting over the fear of sharing your beliefs with others.  The temple is also really important.  The few times I am there I feel the spirit so strongly and always leave feeling uplifted.

My favorite investigator I have taught so far was Reuben from centro.  I was able to teach him all in English so that was really cool.  My favorite family is either the Olmedos because I always called them Dad and Mom and they took such good care of me or the Osorio family where I am now.

Sounds like everything is good at home and everyone is keeping busy.

I love you all,
Elder Heugly

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 7, 2015

And then there are those weeks where you don't here from your Elder until 7:00 at night,  and his email simply says that his day has been crazy and that he is busy and tired and will email next week with pictures.

Good thing I love this cute missionary and good thing he has such an awesome companion who emails us pictures.  We love Elder Marzano. :)

FOTOS :)Un excelente week , Familia HEUGLY
con cariño ...

August 31, 2015

Hey Everyone,

I recieved my hump day packageand it was delicious.  We have already eaten everything in it except the peanut butter.  I think that will last me the rest of my mission. haha  I can't believe I hit my hump day.  Of course I burned the tie.  I had to keep up on the tradition.
I'm glad that Allan friended you on facebook and messaged you.  He is a good guy and is getting ready to go on a mission.  We are helping him out a lot.  He was less active like 3 months ago and then started coming back to church.  He comes with us a lot to visit people and he is giving us a lot of references.

The challenge is still going good.  We have a lot of investigators right now and we are really busy.  We have a baptism this Saturday if everything works out ok.  His names is Ever and his only problem is he plays soccer.  His games are on Sundays and eventhough he is just 13 he makes money for his family.  It is a very hard thing for him to give up because it is his dream.  We are hoping he can get his answer and make the decision for this Saturday.

The members here are great.  They help us out a lot and we always have a member with us to teach the investigators.  My companion is great too.  He is a good guy and he is helping me be the best I can be.  There are changes on the 9th of September but I am thinking we will still stay together.  He has only been here 2 changes so I think we will stay together for at least on more change.  I guess we will see.

I can't believe school is starting again.  When their school year ends theis time I will be almost ready to come home.  It is so crazy...Time flies summer went by so fast this year.

It is a small world.  I can't belive Mario is serving a mission and ended up at dinner at the Michells house.  That is awesome.  I would have never thought he would serve a mission so good for him!

I'm glad to hear that you are spending time with the missionaries.  Keep up the good work.

Love ya! Talk to you next week
Love Elder Heugly

 Burning of the tie for hump day

Dinner with the crew...Elder Marzano, Allan and Marco 

 Throw back to centro with one of my favorite families :) 

 The wedding of Lisandro and Teresa

 Baptism of Teresa 

Marco and his mission call.  He is going to Colombia.

August 24, 2015

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all doing good.  Things here are still the same.  I heard Elder Marzano emailed you.  I am glad that someone could translate it for you.  He was very grateful you bought the shoes for him.  Poor guy ran out of money for the month. :(  He is a really good guy and I really love serving with him.

The competition is still going strong.  They youth are really working hard.  Of course I am still winning...I refuse to lose. ;)  So far since the competition has started we have had two baptisms and this Saturday we have another baptism set.  His name is Ever and he is 13.  He is a really good kid.

Back to the robbery from last week.  To answer some of your questions,  Yes I was able to find shoes in my size.  I found them in a store called big shoe haha.  Whoever stole our shoes and food came in through the back door and we were just in our room sleeping like kings.  We didn't hear them in the house, we just woke up to everything gone.

This week I spoke again in church for the 20th time and I spoke on missionary work.  It was good.  My companion and I are working hard and having fun.

I hear you have been getting friend requests on Facebook and instagram.  They are all people from the area I am in right now and are in my branch.  I will see if I can get them to tag me in a photo so Mom doesn't die without pictures. :)

Please give Elder Jensen a big hug for me when you go to his farewell in September.  I miss that guy, he's awesome! You definitely need to make the trip down to see him.

Not much more is going on. I am extrememly short on time today so I'm sorry this is so short.

I love you all
Elder Heugly

Crazy Week... August 17, 2015

Hey Everyone, 

This week has been a bit crazy! First to start off the robbery...
What happened with the robbery is that they broke in while we were sleeping.  They came in through the back door and they stole all of our food and all of our shoes.  Pretty weird but that's what they got. The  jokes got my yogurt ha ha. We were able to buy new food and shoes thanks to Mom and Dad and so things are back to good again.  My companion is a poor humble fella so he was  super grateful that you  helped him out and that we were able to get new shoes and everything.  Thanks so much for all of your help.  Don't worry about me,  I'mgood the house is being fixed up and the neighboors are all on the look out.  Mom...Don't worry! I am great and am as happy as can be, all is well.  
Besides being robbed things are good.  We are having a lot of sucess here.  There are a lot of youth in this area so this week we started a competition with the them.  My comapanion and I each have a team of youth from the ward and the competition is to earn as many points as they can.  They can earn points by doing mission work so if they give us references or they do service for us or others they receive points.  If we reach of goal of 8 baptisms then we are taking them on a trip to the zoo.  It's been pretty cool we are even making team shirts.  All the youth are excited and it is going really well.  They have been inviting friends to church and it has been so fun to watch.  My team is winning for now ha ha.

 My companion Elder Marzano  is good he has a stomach problem so we went to the hospital in the city at 2 in the morning this morning.  Poor guy :(  They were able to get him all  they fixed him up and he is feeling much better.  Also some good news, I went to the dentist and now my tooth is back to normal.  The dentist was super nice and they fixed my tooth in 10 minutes and now it's perfect. I  can finally smile again,  so its cool. Things are good the Dentists here are only girls so that was a bit different for me ha ha.

Glad you guys are having  fun in hawaii :) 

Thanks for worrying about me but you don't need to I am doing great. 

Love you

BTW  I was up at 2 in the morning already on a bus heading to the city. I was up before you even went to bed ha ha love ya

Elder Heugly

Not what we wanted to wake up to...

While on vacation with the family we received an email from Drew not on his regular Pday.  It was short and to the point and wasn't what we wanted to wake up to. :(

Hey,  we have an emergency here.  Last night  someone got into our house and they stole all of our shoes and food. I have no clue why but that's  all that was stolen.  We received permission  to go to the cyber and email you to  ask for money.   Whoever gets this first would you please put money in my account.  My companion and I  have no shoes and nothing to eat.  Thank you and don't worry I'm fine.  Just please respond if you get this Thanks.

Love, Drew

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

August 10, 2015

Hello Everyone,

This week was GREAT!

My companion is great and we get a long well.  We are working hard and having a lot of success.  He is a good guy and a great companion.  It is just the two of us in our house and in our area so there is a lot of work to do.

This week we did end up having a marriage and a baptism.  It was amazing!  Her husband and all of her family are members so she and her husband were married and then she was baptized right after.  I have so many pictures off everything but sadly I can't send any of them. :(  It really was an amazing experience to be a part of .  Her name is Teresa.

The most amazing thing happened after the baptism.  Teresa and her husband who are extremely poor  and don't have anything came up to me and gave me one mil which is like 20 cents or so.  They said it was for their tithing.  It was so touching.  They have so little but give so much.

On Sunday she was able to be confirmed  at church and I was able to confirm her and Ely who was also baptized the week before.  It was a great day.  Things are going so good.  Nothing to complain about here.

I really am loving the new area.  The members help out a lot and support us in everything.  We had such a great turn out at the wedding and baptism.  They really are amazing.  It reminds me a lot of my first area Yaguarón with dirt roads and everything.  Definitely a lot different from Centro.  There aren't any big sky scrapers or anything like that in my new area.  We don't even have a single grocery store or anything.  We have to travel everywhere to get anything done.

I heard dad did a great job on his talk.  I wish I could have been there to hear him.  I will have to print it out and read it this week.

I am glad you saw a little glimpse of what Paraguay life is like.  The culture here is quite different but so amazing.  I love it!

I have heard you have been spending a lot of time with the missionaries.  Keep helping them out.  They need all the help they can get. :)

I hope everyone is getting ready for school, I can't believe it is already that time again.  Tell them all good luck from me.

I love you all.  Everything here is great right now and I couldn't be happier.

Love all of you tons
Elder Heugly

August 3, 2015....New Area, New Companion

Hello Everyone,

To start off, the internet here is AWFUL!! It is going to be hard to send photos.  I guess that will just make skyping with me on Christmas all that much better right!?!

Transfers were good.  I am now in a place called Ypane or Thompson with Elder Marzelo from Peru. He's a good guy.  We had a baptism our first week together and if things work out we will have another baptism next week.  Not much to complain about.  The members here are great and love mission work.  They help us out a lot.  So far I am loving the new area...except for the internet. ;)

I'm glad Sister Bodily finally contacted you and am glad she told you I was a good missionary. :)  I feel bad I didn't get any pictures.  It was hard to take my camera in certain parts of my last area.  Just a little too dangerous.

Sounds like everyone had a blast in California, I'm jealous but then again I had a baptism so I think I win. :)

Elder Green is now the Secretary to the President.  It's a big job.  I'm not sure I would want to be in the office.  You get to deal with all of the problems and you have to be there all day and don't get to get outside and work with the people.  I think I will just stick to where I am and keep enjoying it.  I do wish him a lot of luck though :)

How awesome that the Mumford's have a grandson coming to Paraguay.  I would love to be his trainer.  That would be so great.  I think chances are I will most likely stay with Elder Marzelo for a couple of transfers but you never know.  That sure would be awesome.  I will definitely keep my eye out for him.

This week was amazing!  We had a baptism.  Her name is Ely and she is amazing.  Next week we have another baptism set as well as a wedding if everything works out. The week after that if they come to church without missing we will have 3 more baptisms.  We found them on Saturday and they came to Church the next day.  That rarely happens so it was really exciting.

The work is great here.  All is going great and there isn't much to complain about.

Love you all and hopefully the pictures I am trying to send will come through.  There is only one computer and it is not even in our area.  Emailing is a little trickier now. :(

Love ya tons!
Elder Heugly

Ely and her family with Elder Heugly and Elder Marzelo 

Baptism of Ely 

July 27, 2015

Hey Everyone,

Can you believe it has been 11 months?  I still feel like I just got here and that I'm new.  Time is flying by, it's crazy! This year is going to be over before I know it.

I had hit a bit of a rough patch but am doing better now.  Thank you for all of your continued prayers and support.  I am anticipating a transfer coming up this week.  I have been in Centro quite a while now but you never know what will happen.

This week was a good one.  We found an awesome family that a member from another area told us we had to visit.  The member had been sharing with them and then they invited us to come over.  It was great, they had so many questions and are really interested in being members of the church.  Its a single mom and her two children.  The first time we were there the invited us to eat with them.  It was an amazing experience.  It always happens whenever you find great investigators they take you out of the area. ;)  The seed has been planted and Elder Breck can finish the work.

I have loved all of the members in this area and they love me.  This week they have been so good to us and have feed us dinner almost every single day.  Tonight we are going to have a bbq as my goodbye.  I guess it would be awkward if I didn't go but then again I guess we could just repeat it again in 6 weeks. :)

Transfers will be in two days on Wednesday so If I'm going I will get a call at like 9:00 tomorrow night and I have to hurry and get all of my stuff packed and read.  I then get to get up nice and early so I can head out to the bus terminal to meet  my new companion and then head to my new area.  I guess the suspense is going to have to build for another week.  Kind of scary not knowing where I'm going I imagine. hahaha

The family of 6 I mentioned early in letters is still having a rough time getting to church.  They were sick this week.  There is a pretty big cold flying around so everyone is sick.  It's sad but what can you do? One day I know they will make it to church.

So glad you got my picture with the new mission president.  This picture turned out a lot better than the one with President Agazzani.  I looked like a zombie and Presidents eyes are crossed.  This picture definitely turned out better. :)

So sorry I wasn't able to send any pictures this week,  I brought my camera but forgot to bring my cord, not exactly sure how that happened.

Sounds like everyone is having a blast in California.  I definitely expect a beach run when I get back :).  How fun that you were able to see the Mitchell family.  That is awesome! So glad to hear they are doing well and that they are still the same.  Enjoy the sand this week and eat a burger for me.

Love you all tons and will email you all next week, probably in some other part of Paraguay hopefully out in the middle of nowhere. :)

Love you tons!!

Elder Heugly

President and Sister Wilson with Elder Heugly 

Friday, July 24, 2015

July 20, 2015

Hey Everyone, 

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun this week. We will definitely have to go to the temple a lot when I get back from the mission.  I can't believe Dad and Christian went camping.  Dad a camper?  And with the scouts? ha ha I feel like I am on  a long scout camp right now ha ha.  I'm so glad to hear you have been helping out the sister missionaries.

This week for me was good and it was a really good week for me learning wise and progressing as a missionary.  This week I learned a lot from my district leader.  We did divisions this week on Friday and it was the most successful day I have ever had in my mission,  We taught 10 lessons ha ha.   Talking with him I learned a lot and he helped me understand better what I can learn from my companion.  It helped out a lot and we had a great week full of lessons.  He helped me to be a lot more motivated.  I was in a bit of a slump from the previous two weeks and a little bummed out but things are great now. 

We are finding a lot of new people to teach.  We are working extremely hard right now.  I am anticipating a transfer and want to leave this area on a high note.  The family of 6 still hasn't come to church.  They struggle to give up work but this Sunday they have committed more than ever so we will see.  Once people make that commitment to go they never miss so hopefully they can make it.  

I haven't seen the new humanitarian group yet.  They are building a school in my area but are staying and going to church in another area in my zone.  We found a man that works with them and so tomorrow we are going to try and go when they are there and see whats up and hopefully we will find them then. 

Reuben is still no where to be found.  It is really sad but we are trying our best.  Emelio is amazing! He has now taken the duty of taking the trash out at the church and he is the first member there.  Church always starts at 9 and he is there every week at 7:30 sharp.  He is awesome.  He goes with us almost every day to visit people.  The brothers who were baptized are good as well.  They are funny and have made some really good friends in the branch so they are good.  We are doing a family home evening with them tonight.

The weather today STINKS! It's Pouring rain like CRAZY!  Lately it hasn't been too bad, not too hot or too cold and then today CRAZY! 

Transfers are next Wednesday and I am pretty sure I'm going to be going.  I have only been in 2 areas so far and most people who left when I did are on their 3rd or 4th, so I definitely think there will be a change.  I guess we shall see though...you never know. 

Great job with the missionaries in your area.  I'm glad you have been helping them out so much.  

Exciting news on Ryker's mission call.  He always wanted to speak German

Love you all tons

Elder Heugly

 Me and Robertito 
District activity, Soccer in the rain 
Me and Elder Meza with some good food 

July 13th, 2015... The pope came to Paraguay

Hey Everyone,

This week went by quick, this whole month is going by quick.
Sounds like you are all keeping really busy at home.  When the cats away the mice will play ;)

I am so excited for Kaeli.  I'm sure she is going to be an amazing missionary and I can't wait to get her letters once she is out in the mission field.

This week was a rough one!  We were kicked out of our area for a couple of days because the Catholic pope came to visit and pretty much that messed up our whole week.  His visit made things really hard this week.  We were yelled at a good amount and it was pretty rough.  The people here just went crazy.  My area happened to be right by where he decided to visit and everything closed down.  It was a disaster! Even the members went to see him,  it was sad, but it is what it is.

We called to check in on Reuben and some woman answered the phone and said he was a catholic.  It was really upsetting.  I guess he is back in the hospital so we still can't go see him but we are going to keep trying.  I was really hoping you could have found him on Facebook for me. :(

The family of 6 almost came to church on Sunday but they were blocked down town into their house because of the pope.  We were so close.

The weather here is being bi-polar right now.  One day it rains and is cold and the next it is way too hot.  I never know what to expect.  hahaha

I will definitely keep Sam in my prayers.  Sorry about the pictures last week and this week.  The computer isn't working the greatest and I am having a hard time getting them to load.

I almost forgot...

Last week I met with President Wilson and his wife for lunch one day and the next day we had interviews.  I guess you could say I know him pretty well now. hahaha  He is definitely different that President Agazzani.  He is a lot more mellow but I think he is just getting adjusted.  Not complaints he is a great guy. :)

Love you lots.
Thanks for everything,
 Elder Heugly

Our whole mission saying goodbye to President and Sister Agazzani

July 6, 2015

Hey Everyone,

It's been a pretty good week.

I saw sister Bodily and her daughter again on Sunday with their group.  They head home on Friday and I believe we are having a big BBQ Wednesday to say goodbye to them, so I will definitely have to swing by.

Reuben is still really sick.  He has a problem with being dizzy and falls a lot so he is kind of stuck in the house.  He is always on Facebook, that's about it right now.  He speaks English really well so I'm sure you could talk with him if you would like.  I'm sure he would like that too.

Our investigative family of 6 didn't go to church on Sunday.  Sadly they went to work at 6 in the morning and didn't come but we are still working on them and hoping they will be able to come next week.

We went this past week to hear the the mission president say his goodbyes and is was very sad.  We are definitely going to miss him.  He was such a great guy.  He gave us a really cool gift when we were there though.  It was a temple recommend holder with his picture on it and the mission scripture.  I still haven't seen or met the new president but tomorrow we have zone conference and I am sure that is when I will meet him.

Nothing much else has happened this week.  It's been pretty slow here.  It has been really cold which is crazy. Cold with rain.  I think in August it will start to warm up again but I have no clue.  They say the winters here are short but we will see.  The heat was definitely better than the cold that's for sure.

I can't believe I just passed my 10 month mark and arm already moving on to my 11 month mark.  Time flies!

Love you all tons!

Elder Heugly
Pictures next week :)

Monday, June 29, 2015

Familiar faces...

Hey Everyone,

Things this week have been going good.  Elder Breck is a nice guy, he is very mellow.  We are doing great things.

Church yesterday was crazy.  There were more American kids at church in our branch than there were actual members.  I saw some familiar faces too.  Do you remember the Bodily's who use to live in our ward?  Well, Sister Bodily and her daughter Rachel were at my branch yesterday.  They are here doing a humanitarian project so they are in Paraguay for two weeks.  Such a small world.  They will be at church next week too.  I will make sure and take a picture next week.  It was awesome to see someone I knew.

This week we also found a family of 6. we taught them about the They accepted to be baptized so we just have to work on getting them to church.  It was amazing.  Most of their children are older than 8.  If everything goes well and they are baptized then a year from now they will be able to go to the temple to be sealed as a family.  If this happens I will be able to go to the temple with them no matter what area I am serving in.  We are working hard with them so that hopefully they will be baptized before I am transferred out of this area.

Things with the flood are looking better.  It is slowly going down but the crazy rain isn't helping out much.  It is so weird for me to think that you are all hot and enjoying summer when I am freezing here.  I have to say though the cold is better than the heat, are you jealous??

Rosami wasn't able to be baptized.  She still comes to church but her moms says she was already baptized into the catholic church  and she still belongs to that church.  Pretty sad.

Reuben is still in the hospital and we can't visit him because it's outside of our area.  A couple of members are going to check up on him for us.  I feel awful he isn't doing so well. Please pray for him.

Tomorrow we are headed to the mission home to listen to President  and Sister Agazzani speak for the last time before they leave.  I'm sure it will be sad.  He is a great mission president.

Tell everyone I love them.
Love you all tons
Elder Heugly

 Elder  Breck and Me 

 Just a little glimple of where we live...Our bathroom
 Our kitchen
Where we sleep and study ( I have the orange blanket) 

Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

Hey everyone,

This week has seemed slow but a lot has gone one.  I'm so glad my package made it safe.  It was a little expensive to send but I am glad it is there.  It got there super fast too.  I was able to fit quite a bit in that Book of Mormon box ha ha.  It's all just souvenirs.  I did buy the cup with our family name on it for all of you but the rest I just bought to keep for memories. ha ha

Wow Michigan for Kaeli. That is awesome! She is going to be a great missionary.  I hope she is gearing up for the cold.

I'm still in Centro.  I believe I'm going to be here until the next transfer.  I should head to a new area next time.  It's weird, everyone in my group that I came with is in their 3rd area and I'm still in my 2nd.  I should definitely be changing areas next transfer date for sure.  I did however get a new Companion.  I miss Elder Jensen a lot.  We got a long so well.  He is off to his last area to finish out his mission.  I wish him the best.   My new companion is Elder Breck and he is from Pleasant Grove. He is much quieter than Elder Jensen.  Maybe as time goes on he get more talkative. ;)

The week was good.  We had Stake Conference and President Agazzani came so I was able to see him one last time before he leaves and our new President gets here.  He was such a good guy but I am sure the new President will be great too.

It is freezing here! I never thought it would get cold but it did and it's freezing!  You bundle up and it goes right through you.  We walk a lot so it helps keep us warm but sometimes it doesn't do it! What can ya do?  It's either way too hot or way too cold in this country.

I'm glad that fathers day was  a good one.  It was definitely weird not being with Dad yesterday.  I'm pretty jealous, it sounds like the BBQ was delicious.  Here they make a good BBQ though so there's not much to complain about.

I can't believe Christian is a priest.  Time is going by so fast.  I feel like I should still be a priest blessing the sacrament.  Time is really flying by.

I hope Sammie has a fun time at Oakcrest.  That is cool I'm sure she is going to love it.  I guess you will have to let me know how she is away from home.  Glad Alex did well in her dance recital.  SERIOUSLY FROZEN!?! The one dance recital that I actually would want to see. Just my luck!

Tell Bridger I love and miss him, he is such a stud!

The mission definitely has it's ups and downs but I try my best to only focus and remember the details of every good moment and not the bad ones.  You know they happened but I just try to forget about them.

Thank you for all your love and support

I love you all to the moon and back!

Love ya,
Elder Heugly

 TGIF with some members and other missionaries

 We ran into some members from Utah. Never thougth that would happen. 

Just a little duck lips with some members :) 

June 15, 2015

Hey Everyone,

This week was good.  Things improved a lot.  It rained really hard yesterday so we weren't able to get people to church.  We do have good investigators right now but when it rains here even the members don't come to church.  DANG RAIN!

It's actually getting really cold.  It's the kind of cold that pierces your soul, no matter how many jackets you put on.  I have to wear a jacket in the morning in my apartment while I am studying.  It is quite a change from the heat we have been having.

The girl that is supposed to be baptized on her birthday should be baptized this Saturday if things work out.  Her Mom still hasn't signed the paper but we finally were able to talk with her and then she said we had to talk to her husband.  I think it may have been an excuse but hopefully not.  Hopefully we will be able to get everything figured out this week so that everything goes well Saturday.  I am still with Elder Jensen who is sick right now.  He is a real trooper.  He was hit with food poisoning and is struggling.  Poor guy I feel bad for him.

Transfers are this Wednesday so I will let you next week what is going on.  I'm sure everything will be different.

Amelio is such a great man.  He is doing awesome.  He's really turning things around.  He comes to church with his white shirt and everything each week.  He is a total stud! Reuben isn't doing so well.  He is still really sick and has been hospitalized for the last little while.  We are hoping that he starts to get better and that things can get turned around.

Everything else is going really good.  We are making progress.  A crazy story this week.  I almost fell into a river.  I will have to take a picture and send it home.  Down in the Chacaritas where the flooding is they make these little bridges with sand bags and pieces of wood.  My companion and I were crossing one of them and I just about fell in.  It was a scary! The river is coming up so fast.  They say that it never has come up so high before.  Just my luck that I'm here during all this craziness.

A couple of cool stories from this week.  We were knocking on doors before we had to go home for the night and we knocked on one door and a lady opened it.  She looked at us and then started to cry.  (I didn't know I was that handsome ;)) I said uhhhhh Hi we're missionaries, I'm Elder Heugly and this is my companion Elder Jensen.  Right then she said to come in, come in and then she shoved this baby in our faces.  It had a huge rash all over it's body and seemed like it was really struggling.  She told us that the baby was really sick and she wanted us to pray for it.  We prayed with her and then we shared a message with her and her daughter and then left.  When we went back to her house yesterday the baby was completely healed and was as happy as can be.  They of course love us now so we are hoping to get them to come to church with us.  It was a great experience. PRAYERS WORK!

Another situation like this happened.  It was 8:30ish and we had been  clapping in the newer houses that they had just built because of the flood.  We were headed home and were waiting for a bus and I had the strongest feeling that we should go knock on the house behind us.  We did that and a lady came out and she looked so sad.  She told us she had been going through a tough time lately.  She had to leave her house and then 2 months ago her daughter who was only 12 died of cancer.  If that wasn't enough her husband is in jail and her son is in rehab so she is really struggling.  We talked with her and she said when she said when she saw us she felt something warm inside.  We shared the plan of salvation with her and she was so happy she accepted to be baptized on the first visit.  She couldn't come to church this week because of the rain but next week she said she will be there.  She is so sweet.

Everyone sounds pretty busy.

Love all of you,
Elder Heugly

June 8, 2015

Hey Everyone,

This week was a little harder.  We are still on the look out for new investigators.  It seemed like this week nothing was working out for us.  Everything just kind of tanked.  Lily one of our best investigators moved so sadly we won't be seeing her anymore.  It just seemed like a lot of things went this way.

It has been flooding here and that is also causing a lot of problems.  People are having to move because their houses are under water.  The Chacarita, which is a super dangerous place in my area that we aren't allowed to go alone to or visit there at night, is flooding.  Every 3 years the river starts to rise and when it rises the houses go under water.  The picture I sent you is from 2 weeks ago.  Right now many of the houses are completely under water.  It's very sad.
The  Government here gives them supplies to build houses and so they live these small one room houses with dirt floors.  If there were ever a strong wings the whole house would just blow over.  It's another one of our problems we have right now.  Everyone is having to move and so we can't find people.

It is still hot as can be here.  I was dying last week it was so humid.  When it does start to get cold we have these small heaters that are about 2 feet big so hopefully it doesn't get too cold.  Still haven't had to break out the coat yet.

Reuben is good.  He is still recovering and can't leave his house but he is getting better.  Amelio couldn't be better.  He's the first person in church each week and leaves to visit people with us every single day.  He's amazing! The kids are still good and if they can get to church each week they will be able to receive the priesthood.  They are sometimes just a little lazy.  Their Mom still has to get rid of the guy in her house or marry him.  It's a hard situation.  They don't have a relationship so it wouldn't be good for them to get married.  She just has him living there to help out with the finances so it is a tough situation.  We are trying to see what we can do to help her out.

Church was great yesterday.  It was fast Sunday and I always love fast Sunday.  It is always so cool to see hear the Paraguayans talk about the church and what it has done for them.  They always talk about their conversion stories and those are always awesome to hear.

Thanks for always thinking of me and praying for me.  The truth is I try not to think about the family or home too often.  If I did I would be too distracted and wouldn't get anything done out here.

Sounds like everyone is staying pretty busy at home.  Happy Birthday to Christian! I can't believe he is going to be 16.  I'm glad he is doing so good right now.  He is going to be an awesome missionary.

Time is seriously flying by.  It's crazy!
Hoping next week I will have a few more stories to share with you. Pray for us to find those waiting to hear.

Love you all
Elder Heugly
 The Chacaritas from a couple of weeks ago.  Now many of the houses are completely under water. 

One of our sweet members.  Not the greatest picture of her ;) I snapped the picture at the wrong time.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June 1, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Just a little update on everyone...

Everything here is great.  We are still working with the boys mom.  The reason the man is living with them is because of financial issues so we are going to see what we can do to help out.

Rosami is still awesome.  We are praying things still work out for her and that her mom actually does give her permission to be baptized.  She is an amazing girl and is super excited.  She has been going to church since she was 2.

Amelio is a stud.  He goes out with us all the time and now is even coming to eat lunch with us when we go eat with the members.

The weather here is crazy.  It is actually kind of cold.  Once the sun goes down it gets cold and I have heard it is going to get colder.  The change in temperature has caused all of us to get a cold that has been flying around so that stinks, there is way too much humidity. I am always changing the inserts in my shoes but I'm trying to destroy one pair of shoes at a time.  I'm still on number one but there are getting close.

This past week has been more challenging.  All of our investigators have been baptized so we are looking for new investigators.

This past week I was able to go to the temple.  We went Monday to clean and then did a session on Tuesday. This time the video was all in Spanish and I understood every word so that was sweet.  The temple was awesome.  It was quite small but was so beautiful.  It was a very spiritual experience. We only get to go once a year so we definitely have to cherish it.

I am getting excited to meet the new mission president even though I have really liked President Agazzani.  He is a great guy.  It will be interesting to see how things change with the new president.

So sorry the email is short today.  Time flew by and I had quite a few emails to respond to today.  Next week will be better.

Love you all,

Elder Heugly

 Me and my district at the temple 
 Me and my cape...just because :) 
 I love to see the temple 
 Elder Jensen and Me at the temple
 Antonio being a homie 
The Velasquez family, Rosami and Amilio.  I am not sure why all the members feel the need to hug me :)