Monday, June 22, 2015

June 8, 2015

Hey Everyone,

This week was a little harder.  We are still on the look out for new investigators.  It seemed like this week nothing was working out for us.  Everything just kind of tanked.  Lily one of our best investigators moved so sadly we won't be seeing her anymore.  It just seemed like a lot of things went this way.

It has been flooding here and that is also causing a lot of problems.  People are having to move because their houses are under water.  The Chacarita, which is a super dangerous place in my area that we aren't allowed to go alone to or visit there at night, is flooding.  Every 3 years the river starts to rise and when it rises the houses go under water.  The picture I sent you is from 2 weeks ago.  Right now many of the houses are completely under water.  It's very sad.
The  Government here gives them supplies to build houses and so they live these small one room houses with dirt floors.  If there were ever a strong wings the whole house would just blow over.  It's another one of our problems we have right now.  Everyone is having to move and so we can't find people.

It is still hot as can be here.  I was dying last week it was so humid.  When it does start to get cold we have these small heaters that are about 2 feet big so hopefully it doesn't get too cold.  Still haven't had to break out the coat yet.

Reuben is good.  He is still recovering and can't leave his house but he is getting better.  Amelio couldn't be better.  He's the first person in church each week and leaves to visit people with us every single day.  He's amazing! The kids are still good and if they can get to church each week they will be able to receive the priesthood.  They are sometimes just a little lazy.  Their Mom still has to get rid of the guy in her house or marry him.  It's a hard situation.  They don't have a relationship so it wouldn't be good for them to get married.  She just has him living there to help out with the finances so it is a tough situation.  We are trying to see what we can do to help her out.

Church was great yesterday.  It was fast Sunday and I always love fast Sunday.  It is always so cool to see hear the Paraguayans talk about the church and what it has done for them.  They always talk about their conversion stories and those are always awesome to hear.

Thanks for always thinking of me and praying for me.  The truth is I try not to think about the family or home too often.  If I did I would be too distracted and wouldn't get anything done out here.

Sounds like everyone is staying pretty busy at home.  Happy Birthday to Christian! I can't believe he is going to be 16.  I'm glad he is doing so good right now.  He is going to be an awesome missionary.

Time is seriously flying by.  It's crazy!
Hoping next week I will have a few more stories to share with you. Pray for us to find those waiting to hear.

Love you all
Elder Heugly
 The Chacaritas from a couple of weeks ago.  Now many of the houses are completely under water. 

One of our sweet members.  Not the greatest picture of her ;) I snapped the picture at the wrong time.

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