Monday, October 26, 2015

September 21, 2015

This week has been a busy week.  I helped build a house.  Yes you read that right, I helped build a house, and if I say so myself it is pretty nice.

The work here is good.  We are having a lot of success.  We have a baptism this week and then another one the next week and then another one the next week.  Pretty much everything is going well.  Not much to complain about.  My companion and I get a long well.  He is a quiet guy but we are helping him get over that. He did get sick last week but only for a day so he is good now.

Being a trainer has it's ups and downs but it is more good than bad.  Sometimes it can be hard and challenging being in charge.  Don't you ever worry though, I am always obedient!

I am officially down almost 70 pounds.  I weighed myself the other day.  I don't know where it has gone. I don't feel sick and luckily have only gotten sick the one time in the mission. I don't think I have a stomach worm or anything and if I do, oh well.  I really feel fine.  I eat whatever now and nothing seems to make me sick, I am pretty much used to everything here now.  No need to worry.  I really am good.  If I ever feel sick I will head to the doctor, no need to be worried.  We just walk a ton and it is crazy hot here so we sweat a ton!

Besides the weight things are good.  We have some great investigators right now.  This week a girl named Linsa will be baptized.  She is awesome.  All of her children are members and she is finally going to be baptized as well.  Her son is going to perform the baptism so that should be great to see.  We are just having a lot of success here.  I will really try and send pictures when I can.

Marco heads out the 13th of December so I think I will be gone from here when he leaves. :( Allan has to get his teeth fixed and then he can send in his papers.

Congratulations to Christian on his new job.  He will have to hook me up with a Mango Mountain Dew and a pretzel when I get home.

So awesome to hear about Kami and her mission call.  She will definitely be a great missionary.  The people of Romania are going to love her.

Have a great week and tell everyone I love them.

Con Amor,

El Famoso Elder Andrew Heugly

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  1. We had to rebuild the house you made this week.guess you didnt do as good of a job as you thought :)

    -Elder Kandare y Allan