Tuesday, September 8, 2015

August 24, 2015

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all doing good.  Things here are still the same.  I heard Elder Marzano emailed you.  I am glad that someone could translate it for you.  He was very grateful you bought the shoes for him.  Poor guy ran out of money for the month. :(  He is a really good guy and I really love serving with him.

The competition is still going strong.  They youth are really working hard.  Of course I am still winning...I refuse to lose. ;)  So far since the competition has started we have had two baptisms and this Saturday we have another baptism set.  His name is Ever and he is 13.  He is a really good kid.

Back to the robbery from last week.  To answer some of your questions,  Yes I was able to find shoes in my size.  I found them in a store called big shoe haha.  Whoever stole our shoes and food came in through the back door and we were just in our room sleeping like kings.  We didn't hear them in the house, we just woke up to everything gone.

This week I spoke again in church for the 20th time and I spoke on missionary work.  It was good.  My companion and I are working hard and having fun.

I hear you have been getting friend requests on Facebook and instagram.  They are all people from the area I am in right now and are in my branch.  I will see if I can get them to tag me in a photo so Mom doesn't die without pictures. :)

Please give Elder Jensen a big hug for me when you go to his farewell in September.  I miss that guy, he's awesome! You definitely need to make the trip down to see him.

Not much more is going on. I am extrememly short on time today so I'm sorry this is so short.

I love you all
Elder Heugly

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