Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June 1, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Just a little update on everyone...

Everything here is great.  We are still working with the boys mom.  The reason the man is living with them is because of financial issues so we are going to see what we can do to help out.

Rosami is still awesome.  We are praying things still work out for her and that her mom actually does give her permission to be baptized.  She is an amazing girl and is super excited.  She has been going to church since she was 2.

Amelio is a stud.  He goes out with us all the time and now is even coming to eat lunch with us when we go eat with the members.

The weather here is crazy.  It is actually kind of cold.  Once the sun goes down it gets cold and I have heard it is going to get colder.  The change in temperature has caused all of us to get a cold that has been flying around so that stinks, there is way too much humidity. I am always changing the inserts in my shoes but I'm trying to destroy one pair of shoes at a time.  I'm still on number one but there are getting close.

This past week has been more challenging.  All of our investigators have been baptized so we are looking for new investigators.

This past week I was able to go to the temple.  We went Monday to clean and then did a session on Tuesday. This time the video was all in Spanish and I understood every word so that was sweet.  The temple was awesome.  It was quite small but was so beautiful.  It was a very spiritual experience. We only get to go once a year so we definitely have to cherish it.

I am getting excited to meet the new mission president even though I have really liked President Agazzani.  He is a great guy.  It will be interesting to see how things change with the new president.

So sorry the email is short today.  Time flew by and I had quite a few emails to respond to today.  Next week will be better.

Love you all,

Elder Heugly

 Me and my district at the temple 
 Me and my cape...just because :) 
 I love to see the temple 
 Elder Jensen and Me at the temple
 Antonio being a homie 
The Velasquez family, Rosami and Amilio.  I am not sure why all the members feel the need to hug me :) 

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