Monday, June 29, 2015

Familiar faces...

Hey Everyone,

Things this week have been going good.  Elder Breck is a nice guy, he is very mellow.  We are doing great things.

Church yesterday was crazy.  There were more American kids at church in our branch than there were actual members.  I saw some familiar faces too.  Do you remember the Bodily's who use to live in our ward?  Well, Sister Bodily and her daughter Rachel were at my branch yesterday.  They are here doing a humanitarian project so they are in Paraguay for two weeks.  Such a small world.  They will be at church next week too.  I will make sure and take a picture next week.  It was awesome to see someone I knew.

This week we also found a family of 6. we taught them about the They accepted to be baptized so we just have to work on getting them to church.  It was amazing.  Most of their children are older than 8.  If everything goes well and they are baptized then a year from now they will be able to go to the temple to be sealed as a family.  If this happens I will be able to go to the temple with them no matter what area I am serving in.  We are working hard with them so that hopefully they will be baptized before I am transferred out of this area.

Things with the flood are looking better.  It is slowly going down but the crazy rain isn't helping out much.  It is so weird for me to think that you are all hot and enjoying summer when I am freezing here.  I have to say though the cold is better than the heat, are you jealous??

Rosami wasn't able to be baptized.  She still comes to church but her moms says she was already baptized into the catholic church  and she still belongs to that church.  Pretty sad.

Reuben is still in the hospital and we can't visit him because it's outside of our area.  A couple of members are going to check up on him for us.  I feel awful he isn't doing so well. Please pray for him.

Tomorrow we are headed to the mission home to listen to President  and Sister Agazzani speak for the last time before they leave.  I'm sure it will be sad.  He is a great mission president.

Tell everyone I love them.
Love you all tons
Elder Heugly

 Elder  Breck and Me 

 Just a little glimple of where we live...Our bathroom
 Our kitchen
Where we sleep and study ( I have the orange blanket) 

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