Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September 7, 2015

And then there are those weeks where you don't here from your Elder until 7:00 at night,  and his email simply says that his day has been crazy and that he is busy and tired and will email next week with pictures.

Good thing I love this cute missionary and good thing he has such an awesome companion who emails us pictures.  We love Elder Marzano. :)

FOTOS :)Un excelente week , Familia HEUGLY
con cariño ...

August 31, 2015

Hey Everyone,

I recieved my hump day packageand it was delicious.  We have already eaten everything in it except the peanut butter.  I think that will last me the rest of my mission. haha  I can't believe I hit my hump day.  Of course I burned the tie.  I had to keep up on the tradition.
I'm glad that Allan friended you on facebook and messaged you.  He is a good guy and is getting ready to go on a mission.  We are helping him out a lot.  He was less active like 3 months ago and then started coming back to church.  He comes with us a lot to visit people and he is giving us a lot of references.

The challenge is still going good.  We have a lot of investigators right now and we are really busy.  We have a baptism this Saturday if everything works out ok.  His names is Ever and his only problem is he plays soccer.  His games are on Sundays and eventhough he is just 13 he makes money for his family.  It is a very hard thing for him to give up because it is his dream.  We are hoping he can get his answer and make the decision for this Saturday.

The members here are great.  They help us out a lot and we always have a member with us to teach the investigators.  My companion is great too.  He is a good guy and he is helping me be the best I can be.  There are changes on the 9th of September but I am thinking we will still stay together.  He has only been here 2 changes so I think we will stay together for at least on more change.  I guess we will see.

I can't believe school is starting again.  When their school year ends theis time I will be almost ready to come home.  It is so crazy...Time flies summer went by so fast this year.

It is a small world.  I can't belive Mario is serving a mission and ended up at dinner at the Michells house.  That is awesome.  I would have never thought he would serve a mission so good for him!

I'm glad to hear that you are spending time with the missionaries.  Keep up the good work.

Love ya! Talk to you next week
Love Elder Heugly

 Burning of the tie for hump day

Dinner with the crew...Elder Marzano, Allan and Marco 

 Throw back to centro with one of my favorite families :) 

 The wedding of Lisandro and Teresa

 Baptism of Teresa 

Marco and his mission call.  He is going to Colombia.

August 24, 2015

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are all doing good.  Things here are still the same.  I heard Elder Marzano emailed you.  I am glad that someone could translate it for you.  He was very grateful you bought the shoes for him.  Poor guy ran out of money for the month. :(  He is a really good guy and I really love serving with him.

The competition is still going strong.  They youth are really working hard.  Of course I am still winning...I refuse to lose. ;)  So far since the competition has started we have had two baptisms and this Saturday we have another baptism set.  His name is Ever and he is 13.  He is a really good kid.

Back to the robbery from last week.  To answer some of your questions,  Yes I was able to find shoes in my size.  I found them in a store called big shoe haha.  Whoever stole our shoes and food came in through the back door and we were just in our room sleeping like kings.  We didn't hear them in the house, we just woke up to everything gone.

This week I spoke again in church for the 20th time and I spoke on missionary work.  It was good.  My companion and I are working hard and having fun.

I hear you have been getting friend requests on Facebook and instagram.  They are all people from the area I am in right now and are in my branch.  I will see if I can get them to tag me in a photo so Mom doesn't die without pictures. :)

Please give Elder Jensen a big hug for me when you go to his farewell in September.  I miss that guy, he's awesome! You definitely need to make the trip down to see him.

Not much more is going on. I am extrememly short on time today so I'm sorry this is so short.

I love you all
Elder Heugly

Crazy Week... August 17, 2015

Hey Everyone, 

This week has been a bit crazy! First to start off the robbery...
What happened with the robbery is that they broke in while we were sleeping.  They came in through the back door and they stole all of our food and all of our shoes.  Pretty weird but that's what they got. The  jokes got my yogurt ha ha. We were able to buy new food and shoes thanks to Mom and Dad and so things are back to good again.  My companion is a poor humble fella so he was  super grateful that you  helped him out and that we were able to get new shoes and everything.  Thanks so much for all of your help.  Don't worry about me,  I'mgood the house is being fixed up and the neighboors are all on the look out.  Mom...Don't worry! I am great and am as happy as can be, all is well.  
Besides being robbed things are good.  We are having a lot of sucess here.  There are a lot of youth in this area so this week we started a competition with the them.  My comapanion and I each have a team of youth from the ward and the competition is to earn as many points as they can.  They can earn points by doing mission work so if they give us references or they do service for us or others they receive points.  If we reach of goal of 8 baptisms then we are taking them on a trip to the zoo.  It's been pretty cool we are even making team shirts.  All the youth are excited and it is going really well.  They have been inviting friends to church and it has been so fun to watch.  My team is winning for now ha ha.

 My companion Elder Marzano  is good he has a stomach problem so we went to the hospital in the city at 2 in the morning this morning.  Poor guy :(  They were able to get him all  they fixed him up and he is feeling much better.  Also some good news, I went to the dentist and now my tooth is back to normal.  The dentist was super nice and they fixed my tooth in 10 minutes and now it's perfect. I  can finally smile again,  so its cool. Things are good the Dentists here are only girls so that was a bit different for me ha ha.

Glad you guys are having  fun in hawaii :) 

Thanks for worrying about me but you don't need to I am doing great. 

Love you

BTW  I was up at 2 in the morning already on a bus heading to the city. I was up before you even went to bed ha ha love ya

Elder Heugly

Not what we wanted to wake up to...

While on vacation with the family we received an email from Drew not on his regular Pday.  It was short and to the point and wasn't what we wanted to wake up to. :(

Hey,  we have an emergency here.  Last night  someone got into our house and they stole all of our shoes and food. I have no clue why but that's  all that was stolen.  We received permission  to go to the cyber and email you to  ask for money.   Whoever gets this first would you please put money in my account.  My companion and I  have no shoes and nothing to eat.  Thank you and don't worry I'm fine.  Just please respond if you get this Thanks.

Love, Drew