Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

Hey everyone,

This week has seemed slow but a lot has gone one.  I'm so glad my package made it safe.  It was a little expensive to send but I am glad it is there.  It got there super fast too.  I was able to fit quite a bit in that Book of Mormon box ha ha.  It's all just souvenirs.  I did buy the cup with our family name on it for all of you but the rest I just bought to keep for memories. ha ha

Wow Michigan for Kaeli. That is awesome! She is going to be a great missionary.  I hope she is gearing up for the cold.

I'm still in Centro.  I believe I'm going to be here until the next transfer.  I should head to a new area next time.  It's weird, everyone in my group that I came with is in their 3rd area and I'm still in my 2nd.  I should definitely be changing areas next transfer date for sure.  I did however get a new Companion.  I miss Elder Jensen a lot.  We got a long so well.  He is off to his last area to finish out his mission.  I wish him the best.   My new companion is Elder Breck and he is from Pleasant Grove. He is much quieter than Elder Jensen.  Maybe as time goes on he get more talkative. ;)

The week was good.  We had Stake Conference and President Agazzani came so I was able to see him one last time before he leaves and our new President gets here.  He was such a good guy but I am sure the new President will be great too.

It is freezing here! I never thought it would get cold but it did and it's freezing!  You bundle up and it goes right through you.  We walk a lot so it helps keep us warm but sometimes it doesn't do it! What can ya do?  It's either way too hot or way too cold in this country.

I'm glad that fathers day was  a good one.  It was definitely weird not being with Dad yesterday.  I'm pretty jealous, it sounds like the BBQ was delicious.  Here they make a good BBQ though so there's not much to complain about.

I can't believe Christian is a priest.  Time is going by so fast.  I feel like I should still be a priest blessing the sacrament.  Time is really flying by.

I hope Sammie has a fun time at Oakcrest.  That is cool I'm sure she is going to love it.  I guess you will have to let me know how she is away from home.  Glad Alex did well in her dance recital.  SERIOUSLY FROZEN!?! The one dance recital that I actually would want to see. Just my luck!

Tell Bridger I love and miss him, he is such a stud!

The mission definitely has it's ups and downs but I try my best to only focus and remember the details of every good moment and not the bad ones.  You know they happened but I just try to forget about them.

Thank you for all your love and support

I love you all to the moon and back!

Love ya,
Elder Heugly

 TGIF with some members and other missionaries

 We ran into some members from Utah. Never thougth that would happen. 

Just a little duck lips with some members :) 

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