Monday, October 26, 2015

October 19, 2015

Hey Everyone,

So I have a nice rash all over my chest and legs and it stinks, but what can you do?  It's pretty itchy so I will be heading to the Dr. this week.  It's pretty far away and taking the bus isn't fun.  Don't worry though I will be just fine.  The church pays for me to see the Dr. but not for the travel and medicine.

Besides my rash this week was good.  Hard to top last week but it still was a great week.  We have 2 more baptisms set for the 31st and so that is exciting.

Church yesterday was good. It was the primary program so that is always fun to see.  The kids here are pretty naughty and love to cause trouble so it made the program pretty interesting.

There is no Halloween here but they do celebrate the day of the dead.  It's not the same as Halloween at all.

This week Allan was made our ward mission leader.  It is really awesome and I know he will do an amazing job!

The hardest thing so far on my mission has been learning the language.  At the beginning of the mission it was rough and definitely hard to not understand what people were saying.  I am so grateful I can say now that I can speak it perfectly. :)

When I feel the spirit the strongest is when we are testifying of our savior and the truthfulness of the gospel and the investigator feels the spirit as well.  Nothing better than this.

My favorite scripture is Alma 29:9  "I know that which the Lord hath commanded me, and I glory in it.  I do not glory of myself, but I glory in that which the Lord hath commanded me; yea, and this is my glory, that perhaps I may be an instrument in the hands of God to bring some soul to repentance; and this is my joy.

I hope you are all doing well.  I love you all!
I will keep you posted on my rash, maybe Mom was right about having a worm. hahaha

Elder Heugly

October 12, 2015

Hey Everyone,

This past weekend was very busy and was definitely one I won't be able to forget.  It was incredible. Having 6 baptisms all in one day was a life changer.  I baptized Lia and Jazmina and My companion baptized Sol and Magali and then Allan baptized his brother Esteban and Marco baptized Stella.  It was an amazing experience to be apart of and made for one awesome picture.  It was an experience I will never forget!!

Things are really good right now.  We are working with a girl named Gloria and another woman named Norma.  Norma is the mother of Sol and Jazmin.  We are finding a lot of new people and I've come to learn that when I am the most obedient I receive the most blessings.

Things are still really good with my companion.  I would say he is well adjusted.  He is really doing great and learning his Spanish quickly.

The dentist was good last week so no worries.  I just had some teeth problems that needed to be fixed.  I think I already know my release date which is so strange.  The papers say I am going home on August 9th.  So strange to already know this and I know it is going to come up on me so quickly.  I really want you to come and get me.  I would love to take you around so you can meet all of the people I love so much.  It will be hard to say goodbye when the time comes.  I really do love the people here and love watching the gospel change their lives.

I will make sure and tell Allan hi from all of you.  If he can't read something he always asks me and I help him translate it.   Allan was able to baptize his younger brother and that was amazing to witness.  it was a real testimony builder for him. That would be so nice of you to send him and Marco a little package.  I know they would really appreciate it.

Thanks for all you do.
I love you all tons,

Elder Heugly

District Activity

Best day of my life! 

 Baptism of Stella, Magali and Lia with Me, Marco and Elder Kandare

 Baptism of Sol and Jazmina with Me and Elder Kandare

Baptism of Esteban with Me, Allan and Elder Kandare 

October 5, 2015

Hello Everyone,

My week was good, really good.  No exciting stories like last week but this week we had conference and I loved it.  I also went to the dentist with some teeth issues. The teeth issues were no fun but because I had to travel to see the dentist we got to eat at Mcdonalds so that was pretty exciting. haha  The door story is going to be hard to beat for sure.  I don't have to pay for the broken door so that is a good, they are just going to leave it as it is.

We are teaching a lot of people right now.  We have 6 baptisms this Saturday.  Yes 6! We are very excited for this.  It will be my companions first time baptizing anyone since he arrived in Paraguay so that is really exciting for him.  The 6 that will be baptized this week are Sol, Jazmin, Esteban, Magali, Lia and Estela.  They are great and we are super excited for them.

Things are going great with my companion.  He is learning really fast and is getting adjusted.  He is a fast learner.  The training is for 12 weeks and so changes would be December 2.  I could go before then but that would be  pretty unlikely.  I don't know if Allan will get his call before but I am hoping I am still here to see him open it.  He still has quite a bit to get done before he can submit his papers.

The mission president is great.  We had interviews about 2 weeks ago and I really like him.  He isn't the same as President Agazzani but still a really nice guy.

Elder Marzano is good.  I see him all the time so it is almost like he is still my companion.  He has a companion from Texas so his companion translates everything for him.  You can just write him in English.  I know he enjoys hearing from you.

Conference was so good this time.  I was able to watch all of the sessions in Spanish because someone had to sit with our investigators.  I learned a lot and loved all of it.  I especially loved the talk on Ponderize.  The scripture I would have you "Ponderize" is 3 Nephi 18:18-21.  It's a little longer but it talks about the importance of prayer in the family.

I also enjoyed the talk in the Saturday afternoon session given on what the spirit can do for us.  If we listen it can tell us everything we need to know.

I loved the picture of the Guarana.  The picture you sent me is the good stuff.  We can't even find that here.  I'm glad you got to try but I can't believe you didn't like it, it's amazing!!

I love you all and hope you have a great week.

Elder Heugly

Me at the Dentist

Pre Conference dinner at Allans house 

Conference with my district 

September 28, 2015

Hey Everyone,

Things are well here, No complaints.  Training is going good and things are good with my companion.  Our investigators are great and things are really progressing with my companion.  We are baptizing a lot.  We had a baptism on Saturday and then on October 10th we have 3 or 4 more and the on the 17th we have 3 more scheduled.  Pretty much things couldn't be better right now.

We have district meetings every Tuesday and then Zone activities and meetings every 2 or 3 months or so.  We only have activities once every change.  I have 6 Elders and 2 Hermanas in my zone and none of them are from the MTC.  Sadly I don't see any of them very much.

We had a very funny story happen at our baptism this last week.  I was the one performing the baptism so I went into the bathroom with Allan to change and we closed the door so nobody would come in. When we went to leave we couldn't get the door open.  We thought that someone was playing a joke on us and had locked the door but it turns out the door was just jammed.  We were stuck in the bathroom for about an hour and a half.  We tried to leave through a window but we couldn't fit and then we thought maybe we could fit through the ceiling but couldn't do that either.  We finally after an hour and a half had to kick the door down. :(  We were able to escape but the door is now broken.  It really was quite hilarious and the sister who was baptized will never forget her baptism day.  I was able to still perform the baptism and everything went well.  I will attach the picture so you can see it. ;)

I am looking forward to General Conference this year.  I will be headed to Nemby for it and will have investigators who will be coming as well.

So sorry for the short email this week.  I am really short on time and really want to send pictures.

All is well here.  Can't complain about all of the success we are having.

I love you all!
Elder Heugly

The Sealing 

Elder Heugly isn't always the greatest at telling us about the pictures but this picture stood out to us the most.  This cute man who was just sealed to his family looks so much like his best friend Ryan.  We have showed the picture to many people, even Ryan himself and everyone agrees.  

Elder Heugly, Elder Kandare and Allan 

Elder Kandare, Linsa and Elder Heugly 

Elder Heugly and the broken door

Linsa after being baptized.  A day she will never forget thanks to Elder Heugly being trapped in the bathroom for 1 1/2 hours ;) 

September 21, 2015

This week has been a busy week.  I helped build a house.  Yes you read that right, I helped build a house, and if I say so myself it is pretty nice.

The work here is good.  We are having a lot of success.  We have a baptism this week and then another one the next week and then another one the next week.  Pretty much everything is going well.  Not much to complain about.  My companion and I get a long well.  He is a quiet guy but we are helping him get over that. He did get sick last week but only for a day so he is good now.

Being a trainer has it's ups and downs but it is more good than bad.  Sometimes it can be hard and challenging being in charge.  Don't you ever worry though, I am always obedient!

I am officially down almost 70 pounds.  I weighed myself the other day.  I don't know where it has gone. I don't feel sick and luckily have only gotten sick the one time in the mission. I don't think I have a stomach worm or anything and if I do, oh well.  I really feel fine.  I eat whatever now and nothing seems to make me sick, I am pretty much used to everything here now.  No need to worry.  I really am good.  If I ever feel sick I will head to the doctor, no need to be worried.  We just walk a ton and it is crazy hot here so we sweat a ton!

Besides the weight things are good.  We have some great investigators right now.  This week a girl named Linsa will be baptized.  She is awesome.  All of her children are members and she is finally going to be baptized as well.  Her son is going to perform the baptism so that should be great to see.  We are just having a lot of success here.  I will really try and send pictures when I can.

Marco heads out the 13th of December so I think I will be gone from here when he leaves. :( Allan has to get his teeth fixed and then he can send in his papers.

Congratulations to Christian on his new job.  He will have to hook me up with a Mango Mountain Dew and a pretzel when I get home.

So awesome to hear about Kami and her mission call.  She will definitely be a great missionary.  The people of Romania are going to love her.

Have a great week and tell everyone I love them.

Con Amor,

El Famoso Elder Andrew Heugly

Family Meeting Elder Jensen

Our family made the drive to Castledale, Utah to meet one of Andrews favorite companions.  It was so good to meet him in person and to hear him talk about Paraguay and the wonderful experiences he had.  It didn't take long before we realized why Drew loved him so much.  

Training...September 14, 2015

Hello Everyone.  So sorry this is late again.  We went to clean the temple again this week.  It is an hour and a half a way  and we have to take the bus.  The buses are jammed full and its hot and we are always standing up.  It seriously wears me out.

This week has been amazing! Allan one of my friends in the area baptized our convert.  It was so great to see my companion get to experience his first baptism and see Allan baptizing someone.  He is getting ready to submit his papers soon and is going to be a great missionary.

The girl that was baptized was named Jenny.  Funny story but we ran out of water in our church so it was definitely a baptism to remember.  We ended up going all the way to another church to do the baptism.  Everything ended up working out great it was just a little funny there for a bit.

This past Saturday we were able to go to the temple with a family that I reactivated.  When you reactivate a family and they go through the temple you are able to go with them.  It was so great to see a sealing.  Just an amazing experience overall.

Elder Marzano was transferred but he is my District Leader so he always calls and when we do decisions I will be back with him.  It's almost like he never left.  I still see him all the time.  He came back and was the one to do our baptismal interview so I still get to see him. :)

Allan is a really great guy.  I really want to put together a mission package for him.  He really has nothing but he is always with us helping.  He is an amazing guy and a great example of what a missionary should be like.

Things are going great as a trainer.  We were able to have a baptism and go to the temple our first week so I really can't complain.  He's a good guy and is learning quick.  He's obedient and has a lot of desire to learn so there isn't anything to complain about.

The mission is just going so well.  We are working hard and seeing good results.  The competition with the youth ended because my companion was transferred but maybe we will start it up again with my new companion.  We will have to see.  One funny thing about my companion is he snores BAD. I am getting used to it but the first couple of nights killed me. hahaha

Dad asked me some questions...
Thing I love most here is the people.  They are awesome and I love being with them.  The greatest lesson I have learned from them is being faithful.  They have been faithful their whole lives in the church and have raised great kids.  They all have strong testimonies and aren't afraid to share it with anyone.
The best way to prepare for a mission would be to read your scriptures and preach my gospel and getting over the fear of sharing your beliefs with others.  The temple is also really important.  The few times I am there I feel the spirit so strongly and always leave feeling uplifted.

My favorite investigator I have taught so far was Reuben from centro.  I was able to teach him all in English so that was really cool.  My favorite family is either the Olmedos because I always called them Dad and Mom and they took such good care of me or the Osorio family where I am now.

Sounds like everything is good at home and everyone is keeping busy.

I love you all,
Elder Heugly