Monday, October 27, 2014

Something about this weeks email made my day.  It definitely wasn't the fact that break ins or machetes were mentioned or even that he has had no water for 4-5 days. It isn't even that he has his first baptism scheduled (however that did make me smile).  I think it was the fact that I can tell just by reading his letters that he is happy.  His testimony is growing and he has a love for the  gospel he is sharing and the people of Paraguay.  He is changing and growing.  I am so proud of the young man he is becoming.  It also helps that this week pictures were attached...this missionary knows how to make me happy!!

" I will try to attach pictures at the end.  We will see how the internet is doing though.  
It's still hot! It's been kind of a crazy week.  A lot of exciting stuff has happened.  We haven't had water for the past 4-5 days, so that has been real fun. :)  You wouldn't believe some of the places I have showered in.  You would die. there are some scary looking bathrooms.  This morning we had water for about 30 minutes so that was nice.  We have also had someone try and break into our house, so we are in the process of moving.  It's not safe where we are living anymore.  Somehow they weren't able to get into the house so that's good.  Our house must have been being protected.  We have no clue who it was but we still have all of our stuff.  We aren't sure if they will try again but don't be worried we all sleep with machetes under our beds.  I also haven't found anyone here bigger than me so I'm good, no worries.  

I have one baptism date set.  It's a single mom who lives with her 3 children.  One which is only 29 days old.  She loves the gospel and likes us to come back often to teach her.  We are going to go visit here again today.  She has no water and no electricity.  She is so humble and I love visiting with her.  It's been a really humbling experience seeing how happy people are here even though they come from so little.  She will be baptized on November 8th.  
Other than that we don't have any other baptisms set up  yet. Hopefully we will have more set by next week.  The people here are very friendly and love to talk to you but not about the gospel. So it's hard to teach them. 

The bugs I have are mosquitos and I think bed bugs.  We don't get new mattresses, we are poor missionaries.  Don't worry, I put on the bed bug cover you gave me and haven't had problems yet so no worries, I'm fine.  Oh and I don't have a pillow, I'm roughing it.  

I live with two other Elders as well as my companion Elder Diaz.  There names are Elder Lopez and Elder Ratliff.  Elder Ratliff is from California and is kind of like my Dad.  He takes good care of me and keeps me alive and what not.  He did the surgery on my feet. :) Elder Lopez is from Guatemala and is a funny kid.  They both go him win 3 weeks.  My companion Elder Diaz is a convert and none of his family are members.  He just decided to serve a mission a year after he joined the church.  

We have been being fed lunch 3 days a week.  A lot of pasta and I like that.  I don't like the meat here at all, it's like tires.  They don't cook good meat.  Other than that everything is good.   The fruit is amazing here and so are the vegetables.  

I cook rice and pasta and just random things, hot dogs or whatever I'm feeling like that week.  I'm a better cook than I thought I was.  I'm not really missing anything yet.  

Things I could use, more music and batteries.  The batteries here stink! Also maybe some new ties that aren't striped.  All my ties are striped.  

The language is coming a long.  I haven't had to talk in church again.

A typical day for me is, wake up at 6:30 A.M. do some exercise and have breakfast.  Then I shower and study time.  Then we go out and teach and talk to the people until 9:30 P.M. and then we go home.  Not much else, the walking is good and hasn't bugged me at all now that my feet are feeling better.  

Glad everyone is still having fun at home.  It's hard not talking to you guys all the time and I miss everyone like crazy.  However if I don't think about it I'm good.  Don't worry about the bugs.  I'm good.  It's all figured out and I'll be fine.  You may have to take me to the Dr. when I get home to get rid of the worms I have in my stomach.  I drink the water here and someone said you get worms that just sit there but who knows, I'm good.  

I have had to go out with other Elders and I taught 3 lessons with a new missionary.  I was actually in another area for a day and slept up there.  They are called switches and the District leader does it with all the missionaries to make sure everyone is doing good.  It actually happens quite often.  

Not much else goes on.  Most of my days are just the same.  

Love and miss you a lot.

 I am guessing this is Elder Lopez from Guatemala but drew didn't send any descriptions with his pictures.  
Ummmm he mentioned questionable bathrooms in his letter but this is a little more than questionable. :) YIKES!!
 He said he hasn't found anyone there that is bigger than him yet.  I think he may be a giant over there, look at the size of that door...wait is there a door on there? 
 Beautiful city of Yaguarón
Beautiful city of Yaguarón and the cutest missionary I know!!  Check out those muddy shoes!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cute missionary of mine. 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Hanging in there...

It seems like the first couple of weeks have been an adjustment for Drew.  Between being hungry and bugs and barb wire traps I was a little worried about him this week. However, I know that the experiences he is having are only going to strengthen his testimony and make him a better missionary.  This weeks letters seemed a bit more upbeat however still not my happy go lucky boy.

"Thanks for thinking about me.  I'm still alive and hanging in there.  I have used all the stuff (and by stuff he means first aid supplies) but the bug spray leaked and I had to throw it away.  I'm going to be buying more today after I'm done emailing.  I didn't break in my shoes and the blisters are bad and my toes are all bruised and stuff.  One of the other Elders in my house that goes home in 3 weeks helped me out with them and they are looking a lot better this week.  No worries I'm always drinking water even though the water is NASTY! They get there water from wells that are covered in mold.  No worries though...I'm hanging in there.  

I use the fan while I study but I haven't tried the wipes yet.  I'll have to give them a try and see if it helps out at all.  Still no rain here.  It has just been HOT and it isn't even Summer yet.  I might die...hahaha!

I like my companion.  He doesn't joke around or laugh or anything, but it's alright.  We are just getting to know each other.   I went shopping and didn't starve this week.  I eat just fine.  By the time I come home I will actually know how to cook. HA HA   I can't think of anything I really need.  They pretty much have everything here that we have at home so I'm good.  

The barbwire trap sliced my leg up real bad.  I just didn't see it and walked into it.  Kind of crazy. 

My investigators are good people.  They are lazy so it is hard to get them to do anything.  We did get two of them to come to church this week, and this week we are setting them with baptism dates so hopefully that will all go well. 

The kids here love me for some reason.  It's nice and all but all of the children here are covered in dirt and they love to jump on the "big white kid".  I get so dirty.  Yesterday I had 5 kids dragging on me at one time and they ended up ripping my pants and I had to sew them last night.  They ripped them right on the butt...dang kids these days :) HAHA

I'm still alive.  I've been doing so much walking that my pants don't fit anymore.  Glad I have a belt.  Oh and guess what...I even wear a fanny pack.  Everyone wears them and they are way easy to carry around.  I feel a bit funny but you were right Mom, everyone wears them.  

Love and Miss you

I was able to send another quick email since I knew he was still one begging for pictures and seeing if he had handed out any of the CTR rings I sent him in his package. I also reminded him that not everyone has a sense of humor and that's o.k.  I told him to remember love his companion and serve him and to remember how he has felt these past couple of weeks.  We are always laughing at our house and I know living with someone serious has to be a bit out of the norm for him. I reminded him that one day he will be a trainer and to remember how important it is to laugh with those he is training.

He responded with...

"Thanks Mom.  I have been giving the kids the CTR rings and they love them.  They have never had anything like them before and it is really cool to see them all wear them at church." 

I loved his email to Jake this week...

"Glad you had fun in Disneyland.  I loved seeing all the pictures even though it took me like 25 minutes to go through all of them.  Take it easy...hahaha

Glad you were able to share the gospel with someone, that's pretty cool. (Jake was referring to a couple we met in line while at Disneyland from France.  Jake struck up a conversation about Drew and they knew what missionaries were.  Jake wasn't shy at all at talking to them about the church. Crazy how having a missionary out gives you a little more courage to do so.

I can't believe you think it's been since yesterday.  It feels like I've already been gone forever and it's only been like 50 something days  or so (54 days to be exact, but who's counting) It also feels the opposite some days and the weeks are seeming to fly by.  

The heat is crazy especially wearing a suit.  The best part is it isn't even summer yet, but I'm hanging in there.  I forget about everything when I don't worry about myself and everyone at home and serve others.  It makes everything a lot easier on me and I just get lost in the work.  I already love the people here.  Even the ones that make fun of me for being from the US and having blonde hair. 
I have a lot of respect for you serving in Africa.  I'm sure it was hard.  I struggle with my house and all the bugs and what not but I am sure it was worse in Africa.  
Love and Miss you Drew"

I love that he has already found a spot in his heart for the people of Paraguay and it comes as no surprise to me that the children are drawn to him. That is just how it was at home, he has one little brother that misses him like crazy.  Until next week.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

I'm here...

"I made it.  Things are going well. IT'S HOT! I got your package and every things good. 

My first companion is Elder Diaz.  He is from Arizona and he is 22 years old.  He's a nice guy.  
The language is coming along.  I have 4 elders that live in my house with me.  2 leave in 6 weeks so they are really experienced.  It's nice, it's like having 4 trainers. I like it. 

I really don't know much about the food here.  We ate at members house once.  They don't feed us often here.  We are on our own.  I didn't buy food this week because I arrived after P day.  I've been living off of everything in the package you sent me.  I've been starving all week, it's been rough.  I do get to go buy food today, so that will be nice.  
My first experience at Church was good.  Not that many people. There were about 30 people total in the whole church.  It was fast Sunday.  I got called up to to bear my testimony and introduce myself, but luckily it went well.  I can bear my testimony in Spanish haha.

Glad the weather is nice in Utah.  It is so HOT here.  We aren't even in Summer yet and I'm already dying.  We have no air conditioning so the house is like an oven.  The fist couple of nights were rough.  It has been a rough week overall but I am hanging in there.  I think two kids in my group have already gone home.  Kind of sad but it's tough out here.  

Before I tell you all the good things that have happened here are all the rough ones...
My feet have blisters on every toe.  Every step I take feels like a knife in my's bad.  I have bug bites everywhere on my body.  I got sick and haven't been able to keep anything in me all week and yesterday I got caught in a barb wire trap.  The have those here everywhere and it sliced my leg open.  But don't worry I'm good and am hanging on. 

Now to the good parts...
We taught some lessons and have a bunch of new investigators.  This week we are going to set some baptism dates and hopefully they will accept.  I don't say too much in lessons right now because I don't know as much Spanish as I would like to.  I am trying so it's all good I know it will come along.  Each day I learn more and more.  

I'm glad everyone hasn't forgotten me yet.  I saw all of the conference talks and got copies of them at the MTC so I'm good there.  I got to watch all of them.  It wasn't live but I still saw them all.  

That's all for me this week.  I'm struggling but hanging in there.  Oh ya and my house is a junk hole but that's exactly what I was expecting. :) 
I forgot to bring my camera with me.  I will send pictures next week.  The place we come to email is 30 minutes from the house.
Love you Drew" 

In his email to Jake he told him he is serving in Yaguarón.  Of course I googled it since this cute missionary isn't one to share too many details.  I know he told Jake that many people walk around without clothing and that many have issues with drinking a little too much...YIKES! 

According to the encyclopedia Yaguarón is a city in Paraguay, located at the base of Yaguarón Hill.  The town began as a Franciscan reservation for the Guarní Indians.  It is known for it's agriculture.  

I am hoping this weeks letter is a little more informative.  I guess I need to ask specific questions and remind him that he has bug spray and mole skin in his first aid kit for his blisters.  It is so difficult to not be able to write him back right away and remind him of all of this.  I know he all of this will only make him a better missionary.  It definitely wasn't a coincidence that a friend of mine posted a quote from Joseph Fielding Smith this week. It was just what I needed to hear.  
"Life never was intended to be easy, but the Lord has promised that he will cause trials and difficulties to result in our good.  He will give us strength and ability to overcome the world and to stand firm in the faith despite all opposition.  It is a promise that we shall have peace in our hearts despite the tumults and troubles of the world. And above all, it is a promise that when this life is over, we shall qualify for eternal peace in the presence of Him whose face we have sought, whose laws we have kept, and whom we have chosen to serve. 

LOVE LOVE LOVE This cute missionary of mine. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

No more need to stalk the Mailman...

I can officially stop stalking the Mailman.  The letter he promised us made it to our house safe and quick!  It was fun to hear from him on a day other than Pday.  It was also nice to see that he can spell correctly and knows how to use punctuation and capitals.  I was beginning to worry there a bit.  The emails he has been sending seem to be one long run on sentence most of the time.  :)  He says it is because the computer keyboards are in Spanish but I think it is because he is in such a hurry and he is a little too used to texting. :)  I sometimes have the same problem. Hitting space two times on the keyboard does not add a period! 


"Heugly Family, 

Hey guys. I thought I would write you guys a letter summarizing my whole MTC experience.  I got one stamp from the CCM president so I thought I might as well put it to good use.  Oh and CCM is MTC in Spanish.  I guess I will just tell you what's happened these past 6 weeks...good and bad.

When I first got here I was way nervous and had no clue what to expect.  I had just spent the last 24 hours at the airport and on a plane.  I hadn't slept well at all.  I probably had the worst seat on the plane.  It was the middle seat next to a 250 lb football player and a bigger lady who spoke no English.  She kept trying to talk to me the whole flight.  I knew NO Spanish at that point so that was fun. ;) 

I took a sleeping pill and slept for like 6 hours.  The flight was 13 hours long or so which meant I spent like 7 hours staring at the seat in front of me.  They had so many movies on the plane and I couldn't watch any of them, it was rough.  

Once I finally got to the CCM I thought I was going to get to sleep but that didn't happen.  We got right down to business.  I had an interview with the CCM President and his wife.  The President was making sure I was worthy and his wife was making sure my health was good.  No worries, I passed both.  After that they had me unpack and go meet my companion or companions in my case.  I just happened to be one of the the kids in my group that was put in a trio.  The rooms aren't bad.  It's just 6 bunk beds, 6 lockers and an ironing board.  

I think I have told you pretty much everything about my companions.  Their names are Elder Horton and Elder Hansen.  They are both from Utah

Big events at the CCM are getting teach a lesson with 4 other missionaries to a couple, who are now taking the actual discussions from the missionaries in their area.  They can actually learn from someone who can speak Spanish now. :) 

I chipped my tooth while I was sleeping somehow.  I woke up and it was gone.  I'm pretty mad about that.  It's my right front tooth. You can't tell in pictures or anything but if you get close you can tell.  I expect my dentist appt. to be set up when I get home in 2 years. hahaha  I'm just hoping that it doesn't get any worse. There is NO way I am letting anyone down here put their hands in my mouth.  

Other than that nothing else has really happened while I've been here. Wait just kidding...there has been a lot of pranking going on.  The President found out about everything because some Elder told on everyone.  One of the Elders in my district poured a bucket of water on another Latino Elder and it made him so mad he wanted to go home.  So President called all of my district into his office and said  it needed to STOP.  I had nothing to do with it but a week later he called in all the Elders and we had a meeting.  He talked to all of us and told us that we need to grow up and take things seriously, which made sense.  He was mad at everything going on again.  I was in the clear and haven't caused any trouble. 

That's about all the major events while I have been here.  Everyday is the exact same.  My schedule is...wake up at 6:20, 10 minutes before everyone else so I can have a warm shower. Breakfast at 7:20, I eat cereal every single day.  8:00 Personal study, 9:00 Tall ( a computer program we use to learn Spanish), 10:00 Grammar which is taught by a teacher. 11:00 more study until lunch at 12:15.  After lunch gospel study until 1:30 then companion study until 3:30.  At 3:30 we have physical activity then at 5:00 more grammar until dinner at 6:45.  After dinner more gospel and grammar until 9:00 when we have planning until 9:30.  After that we have an hour before bed at 10:30.  That's about it and we do this over and over again except for P-day on Thursday and Church on Sunday.  

By the time you get this I should be in Paraguay. I'm stoked for that but I don't feel ready.  Hopefully I can get the language down and all will be well.  

Love and miss you guys like crazy.

Love and miss the cute missionary like crazy too! 
 Horribly blurry pictures but I had to document the first letter we received.  Made my week!! :) 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

And one of them belongs to me...

Everything is AWESOME!

He is officially in Paraguay. :) I received a text from flight tracker this morning (Yes I stalked his flight) that said he had landed.  I wasn't expecting to hear anything from him today but secretly had my fingers crossed...and my toes, that I would at least here he was there safe.  To my surprise I did!
He sounds so excited and happy and basically well...EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!

"Hey Mom and Dad,
I am officially in the best country in South America.  First impression of this place is it is HOT.  I got off the plane this morning at like 9:30 here and it was already hot as can be.  Hopefully I can get used to that.  I already love it here.  I don't meet my trainer until tomorrow morning so I'm hoping for the best.

Today and tonight we are staying at the mission home.  I got picked up by my mission president today and even though he doesn't speak any English he is AWESOME. He has a sense of humor just like you Dad.  All of the missionaries I have met here are AWESOME.  The part I'm staying in right now isn't too bad minus the driving maniacs.  I almost died like 4 or 5 times on the way here.  The missionary that was driving was probably going 50 down a neighborhood street.  It was scary.  I haven't gotten my package from these guys yet so I might have to do some looking around to find it. HAHAHA

Talk to you guys on Monday when I have a whole bunch to say.

Love and miss you guys
Your favorite son

My day is now officially AWESOME!  So grateful he was able to email us and let us know he is there  and safe.  He may be HOT but he is safe and seems so excited to finally be in Paraguay! I can't wait for Monday to hear all about his new companion, the area he is serving in and how he is adjusting to the heat.  Oh and let's not forget the letter that he promised me...If you need me I will be parked out by the mailbox. :)


Monday, October 6, 2014

Just in case I do die or something...

Not really the email caption you want to read first thing in the morning.  Especially since last weeks email to Laken he shared a dream he had about his plan crashing.  You have got to love his sense of humor though.  So glad he hasn't lost it! Todays email was short, which I expected.  

"Hey everyone I leave for Paraguay tomorrow at four in the morning.  Not excited for that at all.  I finally made it through the six weeks at the MTC.  I only get 5 minutes to send this email because all they want me to say is my flight information in case I die or something like that. So here it is...

715 am AR 2260

Hopefully nobody has to use that but just in case...

I don't get to email anyone this week at all which stinks.  They're robbing me of a P day.  I'll have a lot to tell everyone next week.  I will have my new companion and will have already been in Paraguay for almost a week.  I'm way excited to get there, not so much excited for the weather though.  It's hot as can be there.  Hopefully where I'm going to live for the next little bit won't be too bad. 

Mom and Dad I wrote you guys a letter from the MTC so you will have to let me know if you get it.  Hopefully it gets to the US but who knows with their weird mail system they have down here.  I summed up the whole MTC in it because it is a lot easier to do without the time limit.  
Love you all and will email everyone next week. 
Love, Andrew" 

About a few minutes later this email came through too...Seriously this kid?!?

This email was titled Love you guys...

"Oh ya and if I die, I don't want a funeral.  Just do my funeral like they did in Chasing Mavericks (a movie he loved) and spread my ashes in the ocean. That's all. 
Love, Drew" 

Ummmm...not going to happen but so glad he still can joke around.  I sure miss this cute kid! 

 I can't wait until next week.  This is going to be one very LONG week for me.  It  reminds me a lot of the week he first left for the MTC.   However this email was a little longer than 3 sentences and a letter in the mail is promised.  Guess I need to start stalking the mail man.  

I am so excited for this cute group of missionaries flying out tomorrow, especially mine.  Paraguay is going to be very blessed.  

Love this cute missionary of mine.

Tender Mercy Monday...

For some reason conference this weekend made me miss my cute missionary a little more than I have been lately.  Maybe it was the beautiful messages shared, or the film in between conference about missionaries (total tear jerker), or maybe it was that I knew that even though we were thousands of miles a part we were watching conference together.  I know he felt the same spirit that I did, probably even felt it a little more without a restless 5 year old asking for a drink every 10 minutes.  :)

I woke up this morning to this sweet video in my message box on Facebook.  Some people may call it a coincidence, or a fluke.  I call it a tender mercy.

A friend of my sisters posted this on Facebook this morning and she sent it to me.  Andrew is not in this video but it made me bawl.  Andrew will be leaving for Paraguay early tomorrow morning (3:30 am) and I am so excited for him...o.k. and a little scared...what Mother wouldn't be.  I know from his letters he is so ready to be in Paraguay and is anxious to meet his new companion and the people and place that he will call home for the next 2 years.  Love and miss my cute missionary!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Chipped tooth and Goodbye Argentina

I am still doing a dance from last weeks surprise email.  You know the one with all the pictures?
The email that assured me that YES my missionary is still alive and is doing well.  It may be a while until I stop. :)

This weeks email didn't have any pictures attached but he seems upbeat and excited to be finally leaving the MTC.  Excited to get to Paraguay and meet his new companion and find out where he will be serving.  I think I might be almost as excited as him.  I may not sleep until I receive his email letting me know he has made it safe, especially since he wrote in his email to Laken that he had had a nightmare.  You know the typical nightmare of your plane crashing and landing in the middle of nowhere!  Seriously!?! Definitely not going to be sleeping next week. :)  If you need me I will just be reading and rereading his letters and looking at his pictures.  Did I mention how much I loved getting pictures last week? ;)

"Hi Mom. Glad you liked the pictures.  I haven't taken anymore so none this week.  I like them both (referring to Elders Greene and Tripp) they are both really nice. The Elder they are holding in the picture is Elder Brumble.  He is going to Uruguay so I don't think you would know him.  

That leak sounds a lot like the showers that I take (talking about our lovely leak we had this weekend UGH!) Haha water pressure is NO GOOD here.  Sorry the ceiling fell through, that stinks.  Just another malfunction in the Heugly surprise! 

You don't know rain until you go to South America.  When it rains here it RAINS! 

I'm glad Sam is being aggressive and winning her games.  I'm super impressed.  She's making me proud.

My weeks been good. Not much has happened at all really.  Just class over and over and over again.  I leave Tuesday morning at like 3:30 am so that exciting.  Other than that not much.  

OH BAD NEWS THOUGH (just what every mother wants to read!) I chipped my tooth playing soccer.  It's my front right tooth just at the bottom and there's no way I can get it fixed here, so I'm out of luck for the next 2 years.  Not my favorite thing to deal with. Hopefully I don't look too funny." 

Is it sad that when I read this I thought of Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber. This  is now how I picture him looking?  He better send pictures fast!                       
"I guess when I get home first thing I want to do is go to the dentist and get this thing fixed.  It's already driving me NUTS! I am just hoping it doesn't get any worse. 
You and Dad can definitely pick me up.
You're going to have to bring me new clothes to wear though.  I can already tell what I have is going to get destroyed these next 2 years, especially when I'm always sweating all the time. 

Not too much in Argentina.  No cool stories, didn't eat any food or anything.  My companions didn't want to.  We handed out 5 book of mormons and met some really cool people. 5 people gave us their numbers so that the missionaries can contact them, so that's cool."  (HOLD UP...I thought he said NO COOL STORIES? Ummmm...handing out 5 book of mormons sounds pretty amazing to me. ;)). 

My favorite thing about the MTC is playing soccer outside which is what I am going to do right after I'm done emailing today.  My least favorite thing is being in class the entire time.  I can only handle being in one room for so long.  

I haven't had to speak again. Which is nice since you  know how much I love talking in front of's no good. ;)

My MTC President is President Willis.  He knows me and I know him but I don't have any issues or need a counselor like some of the Elders so I haven't gotten to know him too well.  By Counselor I mean someone who they talk to when they are homesick and what not.  His wife fixed my shirt sleeve that had a hole in it for some reason.  She's really nice. 

I know we leave early in the morning Tuesday, but a that's about all I know right now.  I think they expect our bags to weigh a lot.  They gave us a whole bunch of books when we got here. 
I'll take more pictures when I get to Paraguay.  It's hard here because not much happens and we're inside all day.  

I believe I get to email you guys on Monday next week telling you I'm leaving but that 's about it. 

Love you tons.  Thanks for sending a package.  It means a lot, I can't wait to get it!
Love Andrew

Monday is just around the corner and I can't wait! I am so proud of this cute missionary and am excited for him to finally be in Paraguay and meet the people.  I know they are going to love him as much as I do.  

One thing I loved reading in Laken's email this week was that he receives so many emails. 21 to be exact this week.  HOW AMAZING is that? Even more amazing...he responds to all of them.  I know he only has an hour and that many of the emails he sends back are just a couple of sentences, but he appreciates them. What an amazing support system he has.  He is ONE LUCKY AND LOVED MISSIONARY! 

Here are a couple of pictures from last weeks email I forgot to post.  I call this one ROOM WITH A VIEW... No wonder he's is excited to get to Paraguay.  Is it bad that this picture looks to me a bit like prison?!? However I am grateful for this gates surrounding him and keeping him safe. Especially since it was announced this week that there has been an increase in robbing and kidnapping in Argentina.  

I love this picture. It puts into perspective the size of the MTC.  No wonder they go a little stir crazy ;)  I also love the cute little car in the front of the picture. I am sure Andrew's "beater...Dora the Explorer is looking a bit plush at the moment. :)

Love Love Love My Missionary...Only 694 days left...but whose counting?