Monday, June 29, 2015

Familiar faces...

Hey Everyone,

Things this week have been going good.  Elder Breck is a nice guy, he is very mellow.  We are doing great things.

Church yesterday was crazy.  There were more American kids at church in our branch than there were actual members.  I saw some familiar faces too.  Do you remember the Bodily's who use to live in our ward?  Well, Sister Bodily and her daughter Rachel were at my branch yesterday.  They are here doing a humanitarian project so they are in Paraguay for two weeks.  Such a small world.  They will be at church next week too.  I will make sure and take a picture next week.  It was awesome to see someone I knew.

This week we also found a family of 6. we taught them about the They accepted to be baptized so we just have to work on getting them to church.  It was amazing.  Most of their children are older than 8.  If everything goes well and they are baptized then a year from now they will be able to go to the temple to be sealed as a family.  If this happens I will be able to go to the temple with them no matter what area I am serving in.  We are working hard with them so that hopefully they will be baptized before I am transferred out of this area.

Things with the flood are looking better.  It is slowly going down but the crazy rain isn't helping out much.  It is so weird for me to think that you are all hot and enjoying summer when I am freezing here.  I have to say though the cold is better than the heat, are you jealous??

Rosami wasn't able to be baptized.  She still comes to church but her moms says she was already baptized into the catholic church  and she still belongs to that church.  Pretty sad.

Reuben is still in the hospital and we can't visit him because it's outside of our area.  A couple of members are going to check up on him for us.  I feel awful he isn't doing so well. Please pray for him.

Tomorrow we are headed to the mission home to listen to President  and Sister Agazzani speak for the last time before they leave.  I'm sure it will be sad.  He is a great mission president.

Tell everyone I love them.
Love you all tons
Elder Heugly

 Elder  Breck and Me 

 Just a little glimple of where we live...Our bathroom
 Our kitchen
Where we sleep and study ( I have the orange blanket) 

Monday, June 22, 2015

June 22, 2015

Hey everyone,

This week has seemed slow but a lot has gone one.  I'm so glad my package made it safe.  It was a little expensive to send but I am glad it is there.  It got there super fast too.  I was able to fit quite a bit in that Book of Mormon box ha ha.  It's all just souvenirs.  I did buy the cup with our family name on it for all of you but the rest I just bought to keep for memories. ha ha

Wow Michigan for Kaeli. That is awesome! She is going to be a great missionary.  I hope she is gearing up for the cold.

I'm still in Centro.  I believe I'm going to be here until the next transfer.  I should head to a new area next time.  It's weird, everyone in my group that I came with is in their 3rd area and I'm still in my 2nd.  I should definitely be changing areas next transfer date for sure.  I did however get a new Companion.  I miss Elder Jensen a lot.  We got a long so well.  He is off to his last area to finish out his mission.  I wish him the best.   My new companion is Elder Breck and he is from Pleasant Grove. He is much quieter than Elder Jensen.  Maybe as time goes on he get more talkative. ;)

The week was good.  We had Stake Conference and President Agazzani came so I was able to see him one last time before he leaves and our new President gets here.  He was such a good guy but I am sure the new President will be great too.

It is freezing here! I never thought it would get cold but it did and it's freezing!  You bundle up and it goes right through you.  We walk a lot so it helps keep us warm but sometimes it doesn't do it! What can ya do?  It's either way too hot or way too cold in this country.

I'm glad that fathers day was  a good one.  It was definitely weird not being with Dad yesterday.  I'm pretty jealous, it sounds like the BBQ was delicious.  Here they make a good BBQ though so there's not much to complain about.

I can't believe Christian is a priest.  Time is going by so fast.  I feel like I should still be a priest blessing the sacrament.  Time is really flying by.

I hope Sammie has a fun time at Oakcrest.  That is cool I'm sure she is going to love it.  I guess you will have to let me know how she is away from home.  Glad Alex did well in her dance recital.  SERIOUSLY FROZEN!?! The one dance recital that I actually would want to see. Just my luck!

Tell Bridger I love and miss him, he is such a stud!

The mission definitely has it's ups and downs but I try my best to only focus and remember the details of every good moment and not the bad ones.  You know they happened but I just try to forget about them.

Thank you for all your love and support

I love you all to the moon and back!

Love ya,
Elder Heugly

 TGIF with some members and other missionaries

 We ran into some members from Utah. Never thougth that would happen. 

Just a little duck lips with some members :) 

June 15, 2015

Hey Everyone,

This week was good.  Things improved a lot.  It rained really hard yesterday so we weren't able to get people to church.  We do have good investigators right now but when it rains here even the members don't come to church.  DANG RAIN!

It's actually getting really cold.  It's the kind of cold that pierces your soul, no matter how many jackets you put on.  I have to wear a jacket in the morning in my apartment while I am studying.  It is quite a change from the heat we have been having.

The girl that is supposed to be baptized on her birthday should be baptized this Saturday if things work out.  Her Mom still hasn't signed the paper but we finally were able to talk with her and then she said we had to talk to her husband.  I think it may have been an excuse but hopefully not.  Hopefully we will be able to get everything figured out this week so that everything goes well Saturday.  I am still with Elder Jensen who is sick right now.  He is a real trooper.  He was hit with food poisoning and is struggling.  Poor guy I feel bad for him.

Transfers are this Wednesday so I will let you next week what is going on.  I'm sure everything will be different.

Amelio is such a great man.  He is doing awesome.  He's really turning things around.  He comes to church with his white shirt and everything each week.  He is a total stud! Reuben isn't doing so well.  He is still really sick and has been hospitalized for the last little while.  We are hoping that he starts to get better and that things can get turned around.

Everything else is going really good.  We are making progress.  A crazy story this week.  I almost fell into a river.  I will have to take a picture and send it home.  Down in the Chacaritas where the flooding is they make these little bridges with sand bags and pieces of wood.  My companion and I were crossing one of them and I just about fell in.  It was a scary! The river is coming up so fast.  They say that it never has come up so high before.  Just my luck that I'm here during all this craziness.

A couple of cool stories from this week.  We were knocking on doors before we had to go home for the night and we knocked on one door and a lady opened it.  She looked at us and then started to cry.  (I didn't know I was that handsome ;)) I said uhhhhh Hi we're missionaries, I'm Elder Heugly and this is my companion Elder Jensen.  Right then she said to come in, come in and then she shoved this baby in our faces.  It had a huge rash all over it's body and seemed like it was really struggling.  She told us that the baby was really sick and she wanted us to pray for it.  We prayed with her and then we shared a message with her and her daughter and then left.  When we went back to her house yesterday the baby was completely healed and was as happy as can be.  They of course love us now so we are hoping to get them to come to church with us.  It was a great experience. PRAYERS WORK!

Another situation like this happened.  It was 8:30ish and we had been  clapping in the newer houses that they had just built because of the flood.  We were headed home and were waiting for a bus and I had the strongest feeling that we should go knock on the house behind us.  We did that and a lady came out and she looked so sad.  She told us she had been going through a tough time lately.  She had to leave her house and then 2 months ago her daughter who was only 12 died of cancer.  If that wasn't enough her husband is in jail and her son is in rehab so she is really struggling.  We talked with her and she said when she said when she saw us she felt something warm inside.  We shared the plan of salvation with her and she was so happy she accepted to be baptized on the first visit.  She couldn't come to church this week because of the rain but next week she said she will be there.  She is so sweet.

Everyone sounds pretty busy.

Love all of you,
Elder Heugly

June 8, 2015

Hey Everyone,

This week was a little harder.  We are still on the look out for new investigators.  It seemed like this week nothing was working out for us.  Everything just kind of tanked.  Lily one of our best investigators moved so sadly we won't be seeing her anymore.  It just seemed like a lot of things went this way.

It has been flooding here and that is also causing a lot of problems.  People are having to move because their houses are under water.  The Chacarita, which is a super dangerous place in my area that we aren't allowed to go alone to or visit there at night, is flooding.  Every 3 years the river starts to rise and when it rises the houses go under water.  The picture I sent you is from 2 weeks ago.  Right now many of the houses are completely under water.  It's very sad.
The  Government here gives them supplies to build houses and so they live these small one room houses with dirt floors.  If there were ever a strong wings the whole house would just blow over.  It's another one of our problems we have right now.  Everyone is having to move and so we can't find people.

It is still hot as can be here.  I was dying last week it was so humid.  When it does start to get cold we have these small heaters that are about 2 feet big so hopefully it doesn't get too cold.  Still haven't had to break out the coat yet.

Reuben is good.  He is still recovering and can't leave his house but he is getting better.  Amelio couldn't be better.  He's the first person in church each week and leaves to visit people with us every single day.  He's amazing! The kids are still good and if they can get to church each week they will be able to receive the priesthood.  They are sometimes just a little lazy.  Their Mom still has to get rid of the guy in her house or marry him.  It's a hard situation.  They don't have a relationship so it wouldn't be good for them to get married.  She just has him living there to help out with the finances so it is a tough situation.  We are trying to see what we can do to help her out.

Church was great yesterday.  It was fast Sunday and I always love fast Sunday.  It is always so cool to see hear the Paraguayans talk about the church and what it has done for them.  They always talk about their conversion stories and those are always awesome to hear.

Thanks for always thinking of me and praying for me.  The truth is I try not to think about the family or home too often.  If I did I would be too distracted and wouldn't get anything done out here.

Sounds like everyone is staying pretty busy at home.  Happy Birthday to Christian! I can't believe he is going to be 16.  I'm glad he is doing so good right now.  He is going to be an awesome missionary.

Time is seriously flying by.  It's crazy!
Hoping next week I will have a few more stories to share with you. Pray for us to find those waiting to hear.

Love you all
Elder Heugly
 The Chacaritas from a couple of weeks ago.  Now many of the houses are completely under water. 

One of our sweet members.  Not the greatest picture of her ;) I snapped the picture at the wrong time.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

June 1, 2015

Hi Everyone,

Just a little update on everyone...

Everything here is great.  We are still working with the boys mom.  The reason the man is living with them is because of financial issues so we are going to see what we can do to help out.

Rosami is still awesome.  We are praying things still work out for her and that her mom actually does give her permission to be baptized.  She is an amazing girl and is super excited.  She has been going to church since she was 2.

Amelio is a stud.  He goes out with us all the time and now is even coming to eat lunch with us when we go eat with the members.

The weather here is crazy.  It is actually kind of cold.  Once the sun goes down it gets cold and I have heard it is going to get colder.  The change in temperature has caused all of us to get a cold that has been flying around so that stinks, there is way too much humidity. I am always changing the inserts in my shoes but I'm trying to destroy one pair of shoes at a time.  I'm still on number one but there are getting close.

This past week has been more challenging.  All of our investigators have been baptized so we are looking for new investigators.

This past week I was able to go to the temple.  We went Monday to clean and then did a session on Tuesday. This time the video was all in Spanish and I understood every word so that was sweet.  The temple was awesome.  It was quite small but was so beautiful.  It was a very spiritual experience. We only get to go once a year so we definitely have to cherish it.

I am getting excited to meet the new mission president even though I have really liked President Agazzani.  He is a great guy.  It will be interesting to see how things change with the new president.

So sorry the email is short today.  Time flew by and I had quite a few emails to respond to today.  Next week will be better.

Love you all,

Elder Heugly

 Me and my district at the temple 
 Me and my cape...just because :) 
 I love to see the temple 
 Elder Jensen and Me at the temple
 Antonio being a homie 
The Velasquez family, Rosami and Amilio.  I am not sure why all the members feel the need to hug me :)