Sunday, November 8, 2015

Rashes and New Investigators...

Hey Everyone,

Things are going good here.  This past week has been a great one.  We were able to  find so many new investigators, it was incredible.

We focused this past week a lot on finding people.  We visited members asking them for people we could visit and we had a lot of success with that.  We were able to find 15 people to teach this week.

We have a baptism this coming Saturday.  The sister we are baptizing rejected the missionaries for almost 5 years.  Her daughter's were just baptized recently and now she has decided it is her turn.  It was a real testimony builder that there are people waiting for me to find them.

My favorite experience this week was giving a talk in church.  My companion gave his first talk and said the gospel is like chocolate milk.  It's delicious and everyone wants it so we need to invite others to try it.  It was pretty funny.  We give talks every 4th sunday and this week we both talked about mission work.  We actually give a lot of talks and we also teach a class every Sunday.

I am excited I wasn't transferred.  I think I will finish up training and then I will end up being moved but we will see.  Transfers are no fun even though I know they need to happen.  They don't tell you until super late and then we head out early in the morning. It makes saying Goodbye hard to do. :(

My rash is slowly getting better little by little.  The Dr. said it was an allergic reaction but isn't quite sure what to.  He said I have to watch what I touch and eat and don't do anything out of the normal.  UMMMM I'm in Paraguay!?! HAHAHA  Besides that everything is good here with me.

I love you all and hope you are all doing well

Elder Heugly

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