Monday, October 27, 2014

Something about this weeks email made my day.  It definitely wasn't the fact that break ins or machetes were mentioned or even that he has had no water for 4-5 days. It isn't even that he has his first baptism scheduled (however that did make me smile).  I think it was the fact that I can tell just by reading his letters that he is happy.  His testimony is growing and he has a love for the  gospel he is sharing and the people of Paraguay.  He is changing and growing.  I am so proud of the young man he is becoming.  It also helps that this week pictures were attached...this missionary knows how to make me happy!!

" I will try to attach pictures at the end.  We will see how the internet is doing though.  
It's still hot! It's been kind of a crazy week.  A lot of exciting stuff has happened.  We haven't had water for the past 4-5 days, so that has been real fun. :)  You wouldn't believe some of the places I have showered in.  You would die. there are some scary looking bathrooms.  This morning we had water for about 30 minutes so that was nice.  We have also had someone try and break into our house, so we are in the process of moving.  It's not safe where we are living anymore.  Somehow they weren't able to get into the house so that's good.  Our house must have been being protected.  We have no clue who it was but we still have all of our stuff.  We aren't sure if they will try again but don't be worried we all sleep with machetes under our beds.  I also haven't found anyone here bigger than me so I'm good, no worries.  

I have one baptism date set.  It's a single mom who lives with her 3 children.  One which is only 29 days old.  She loves the gospel and likes us to come back often to teach her.  We are going to go visit here again today.  She has no water and no electricity.  She is so humble and I love visiting with her.  It's been a really humbling experience seeing how happy people are here even though they come from so little.  She will be baptized on November 8th.  
Other than that we don't have any other baptisms set up  yet. Hopefully we will have more set by next week.  The people here are very friendly and love to talk to you but not about the gospel. So it's hard to teach them. 

The bugs I have are mosquitos and I think bed bugs.  We don't get new mattresses, we are poor missionaries.  Don't worry, I put on the bed bug cover you gave me and haven't had problems yet so no worries, I'm fine.  Oh and I don't have a pillow, I'm roughing it.  

I live with two other Elders as well as my companion Elder Diaz.  There names are Elder Lopez and Elder Ratliff.  Elder Ratliff is from California and is kind of like my Dad.  He takes good care of me and keeps me alive and what not.  He did the surgery on my feet. :) Elder Lopez is from Guatemala and is a funny kid.  They both go him win 3 weeks.  My companion Elder Diaz is a convert and none of his family are members.  He just decided to serve a mission a year after he joined the church.  

We have been being fed lunch 3 days a week.  A lot of pasta and I like that.  I don't like the meat here at all, it's like tires.  They don't cook good meat.  Other than that everything is good.   The fruit is amazing here and so are the vegetables.  

I cook rice and pasta and just random things, hot dogs or whatever I'm feeling like that week.  I'm a better cook than I thought I was.  I'm not really missing anything yet.  

Things I could use, more music and batteries.  The batteries here stink! Also maybe some new ties that aren't striped.  All my ties are striped.  

The language is coming a long.  I haven't had to talk in church again.

A typical day for me is, wake up at 6:30 A.M. do some exercise and have breakfast.  Then I shower and study time.  Then we go out and teach and talk to the people until 9:30 P.M. and then we go home.  Not much else, the walking is good and hasn't bugged me at all now that my feet are feeling better.  

Glad everyone is still having fun at home.  It's hard not talking to you guys all the time and I miss everyone like crazy.  However if I don't think about it I'm good.  Don't worry about the bugs.  I'm good.  It's all figured out and I'll be fine.  You may have to take me to the Dr. when I get home to get rid of the worms I have in my stomach.  I drink the water here and someone said you get worms that just sit there but who knows, I'm good.  

I have had to go out with other Elders and I taught 3 lessons with a new missionary.  I was actually in another area for a day and slept up there.  They are called switches and the District leader does it with all the missionaries to make sure everyone is doing good.  It actually happens quite often.  

Not much else goes on.  Most of my days are just the same.  

Love and miss you a lot.

 I am guessing this is Elder Lopez from Guatemala but drew didn't send any descriptions with his pictures.  
Ummmm he mentioned questionable bathrooms in his letter but this is a little more than questionable. :) YIKES!!
 He said he hasn't found anyone there that is bigger than him yet.  I think he may be a giant over there, look at the size of that door...wait is there a door on there? 
 Beautiful city of Yaguarón
Beautiful city of Yaguarón and the cutest missionary I know!!  Check out those muddy shoes!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cute missionary of mine. 

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