Monday, October 6, 2014

Just in case I do die or something...

Not really the email caption you want to read first thing in the morning.  Especially since last weeks email to Laken he shared a dream he had about his plan crashing.  You have got to love his sense of humor though.  So glad he hasn't lost it! Todays email was short, which I expected.  

"Hey everyone I leave for Paraguay tomorrow at four in the morning.  Not excited for that at all.  I finally made it through the six weeks at the MTC.  I only get 5 minutes to send this email because all they want me to say is my flight information in case I die or something like that. So here it is...

715 am AR 2260

Hopefully nobody has to use that but just in case...

I don't get to email anyone this week at all which stinks.  They're robbing me of a P day.  I'll have a lot to tell everyone next week.  I will have my new companion and will have already been in Paraguay for almost a week.  I'm way excited to get there, not so much excited for the weather though.  It's hot as can be there.  Hopefully where I'm going to live for the next little bit won't be too bad. 

Mom and Dad I wrote you guys a letter from the MTC so you will have to let me know if you get it.  Hopefully it gets to the US but who knows with their weird mail system they have down here.  I summed up the whole MTC in it because it is a lot easier to do without the time limit.  
Love you all and will email everyone next week. 
Love, Andrew" 

About a few minutes later this email came through too...Seriously this kid?!?

This email was titled Love you guys...

"Oh ya and if I die, I don't want a funeral.  Just do my funeral like they did in Chasing Mavericks (a movie he loved) and spread my ashes in the ocean. That's all. 
Love, Drew" 

Ummmm...not going to happen but so glad he still can joke around.  I sure miss this cute kid! 

 I can't wait until next week.  This is going to be one very LONG week for me.  It  reminds me a lot of the week he first left for the MTC.   However this email was a little longer than 3 sentences and a letter in the mail is promised.  Guess I need to start stalking the mail man.  

I am so excited for this cute group of missionaries flying out tomorrow, especially mine.  Paraguay is going to be very blessed.  

Love this cute missionary of mine.

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