Monday, October 6, 2014

Tender Mercy Monday...

For some reason conference this weekend made me miss my cute missionary a little more than I have been lately.  Maybe it was the beautiful messages shared, or the film in between conference about missionaries (total tear jerker), or maybe it was that I knew that even though we were thousands of miles a part we were watching conference together.  I know he felt the same spirit that I did, probably even felt it a little more without a restless 5 year old asking for a drink every 10 minutes.  :)

I woke up this morning to this sweet video in my message box on Facebook.  Some people may call it a coincidence, or a fluke.  I call it a tender mercy.

A friend of my sisters posted this on Facebook this morning and she sent it to me.  Andrew is not in this video but it made me bawl.  Andrew will be leaving for Paraguay early tomorrow morning (3:30 am) and I am so excited for him...o.k. and a little scared...what Mother wouldn't be.  I know from his letters he is so ready to be in Paraguay and is anxious to meet his new companion and the people and place that he will call home for the next 2 years.  Love and miss my cute missionary!

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