Monday, October 20, 2014

Hanging in there...

It seems like the first couple of weeks have been an adjustment for Drew.  Between being hungry and bugs and barb wire traps I was a little worried about him this week. However, I know that the experiences he is having are only going to strengthen his testimony and make him a better missionary.  This weeks letters seemed a bit more upbeat however still not my happy go lucky boy.

"Thanks for thinking about me.  I'm still alive and hanging in there.  I have used all the stuff (and by stuff he means first aid supplies) but the bug spray leaked and I had to throw it away.  I'm going to be buying more today after I'm done emailing.  I didn't break in my shoes and the blisters are bad and my toes are all bruised and stuff.  One of the other Elders in my house that goes home in 3 weeks helped me out with them and they are looking a lot better this week.  No worries I'm always drinking water even though the water is NASTY! They get there water from wells that are covered in mold.  No worries though...I'm hanging in there.  

I use the fan while I study but I haven't tried the wipes yet.  I'll have to give them a try and see if it helps out at all.  Still no rain here.  It has just been HOT and it isn't even Summer yet.  I might die...hahaha!

I like my companion.  He doesn't joke around or laugh or anything, but it's alright.  We are just getting to know each other.   I went shopping and didn't starve this week.  I eat just fine.  By the time I come home I will actually know how to cook. HA HA   I can't think of anything I really need.  They pretty much have everything here that we have at home so I'm good.  

The barbwire trap sliced my leg up real bad.  I just didn't see it and walked into it.  Kind of crazy. 

My investigators are good people.  They are lazy so it is hard to get them to do anything.  We did get two of them to come to church this week, and this week we are setting them with baptism dates so hopefully that will all go well. 

The kids here love me for some reason.  It's nice and all but all of the children here are covered in dirt and they love to jump on the "big white kid".  I get so dirty.  Yesterday I had 5 kids dragging on me at one time and they ended up ripping my pants and I had to sew them last night.  They ripped them right on the butt...dang kids these days :) HAHA

I'm still alive.  I've been doing so much walking that my pants don't fit anymore.  Glad I have a belt.  Oh and guess what...I even wear a fanny pack.  Everyone wears them and they are way easy to carry around.  I feel a bit funny but you were right Mom, everyone wears them.  

Love and Miss you

I was able to send another quick email since I knew he was still one begging for pictures and seeing if he had handed out any of the CTR rings I sent him in his package. I also reminded him that not everyone has a sense of humor and that's o.k.  I told him to remember love his companion and serve him and to remember how he has felt these past couple of weeks.  We are always laughing at our house and I know living with someone serious has to be a bit out of the norm for him. I reminded him that one day he will be a trainer and to remember how important it is to laugh with those he is training.

He responded with...

"Thanks Mom.  I have been giving the kids the CTR rings and they love them.  They have never had anything like them before and it is really cool to see them all wear them at church." 

I loved his email to Jake this week...

"Glad you had fun in Disneyland.  I loved seeing all the pictures even though it took me like 25 minutes to go through all of them.  Take it easy...hahaha

Glad you were able to share the gospel with someone, that's pretty cool. (Jake was referring to a couple we met in line while at Disneyland from France.  Jake struck up a conversation about Drew and they knew what missionaries were.  Jake wasn't shy at all at talking to them about the church. Crazy how having a missionary out gives you a little more courage to do so.

I can't believe you think it's been since yesterday.  It feels like I've already been gone forever and it's only been like 50 something days  or so (54 days to be exact, but who's counting) It also feels the opposite some days and the weeks are seeming to fly by.  

The heat is crazy especially wearing a suit.  The best part is it isn't even summer yet, but I'm hanging in there.  I forget about everything when I don't worry about myself and everyone at home and serve others.  It makes everything a lot easier on me and I just get lost in the work.  I already love the people here.  Even the ones that make fun of me for being from the US and having blonde hair. 
I have a lot of respect for you serving in Africa.  I'm sure it was hard.  I struggle with my house and all the bugs and what not but I am sure it was worse in Africa.  
Love and Miss you Drew"

I love that he has already found a spot in his heart for the people of Paraguay and it comes as no surprise to me that the children are drawn to him. That is just how it was at home, he has one little brother that misses him like crazy.  Until next week.

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