Sunday, October 19, 2014

I'm here...

"I made it.  Things are going well. IT'S HOT! I got your package and every things good. 

My first companion is Elder Diaz.  He is from Arizona and he is 22 years old.  He's a nice guy.  
The language is coming along.  I have 4 elders that live in my house with me.  2 leave in 6 weeks so they are really experienced.  It's nice, it's like having 4 trainers. I like it. 

I really don't know much about the food here.  We ate at members house once.  They don't feed us often here.  We are on our own.  I didn't buy food this week because I arrived after P day.  I've been living off of everything in the package you sent me.  I've been starving all week, it's been rough.  I do get to go buy food today, so that will be nice.  
My first experience at Church was good.  Not that many people. There were about 30 people total in the whole church.  It was fast Sunday.  I got called up to to bear my testimony and introduce myself, but luckily it went well.  I can bear my testimony in Spanish haha.

Glad the weather is nice in Utah.  It is so HOT here.  We aren't even in Summer yet and I'm already dying.  We have no air conditioning so the house is like an oven.  The fist couple of nights were rough.  It has been a rough week overall but I am hanging in there.  I think two kids in my group have already gone home.  Kind of sad but it's tough out here.  

Before I tell you all the good things that have happened here are all the rough ones...
My feet have blisters on every toe.  Every step I take feels like a knife in my's bad.  I have bug bites everywhere on my body.  I got sick and haven't been able to keep anything in me all week and yesterday I got caught in a barb wire trap.  The have those here everywhere and it sliced my leg open.  But don't worry I'm good and am hanging on. 

Now to the good parts...
We taught some lessons and have a bunch of new investigators.  This week we are going to set some baptism dates and hopefully they will accept.  I don't say too much in lessons right now because I don't know as much Spanish as I would like to.  I am trying so it's all good I know it will come along.  Each day I learn more and more.  

I'm glad everyone hasn't forgotten me yet.  I saw all of the conference talks and got copies of them at the MTC so I'm good there.  I got to watch all of them.  It wasn't live but I still saw them all.  

That's all for me this week.  I'm struggling but hanging in there.  Oh ya and my house is a junk hole but that's exactly what I was expecting. :) 
I forgot to bring my camera with me.  I will send pictures next week.  The place we come to email is 30 minutes from the house.
Love you Drew" 

In his email to Jake he told him he is serving in Yaguarón.  Of course I googled it since this cute missionary isn't one to share too many details.  I know he told Jake that many people walk around without clothing and that many have issues with drinking a little too much...YIKES! 

According to the encyclopedia Yaguarón is a city in Paraguay, located at the base of Yaguarón Hill.  The town began as a Franciscan reservation for the Guarní Indians.  It is known for it's agriculture.  

I am hoping this weeks letter is a little more informative.  I guess I need to ask specific questions and remind him that he has bug spray and mole skin in his first aid kit for his blisters.  It is so difficult to not be able to write him back right away and remind him of all of this.  I know he all of this will only make him a better missionary.  It definitely wasn't a coincidence that a friend of mine posted a quote from Joseph Fielding Smith this week. It was just what I needed to hear.  
"Life never was intended to be easy, but the Lord has promised that he will cause trials and difficulties to result in our good.  He will give us strength and ability to overcome the world and to stand firm in the faith despite all opposition.  It is a promise that we shall have peace in our hearts despite the tumults and troubles of the world. And above all, it is a promise that when this life is over, we shall qualify for eternal peace in the presence of Him whose face we have sought, whose laws we have kept, and whom we have chosen to serve. 

LOVE LOVE LOVE This cute missionary of mine. 

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