Monday, November 3, 2014

Day of the dead, Tortilla Paraguaya and Giant Bugs is what this weeks email brings...

With Daylight savings yesterday we are now 4 hours behind Drew time wise.  I thought that would mean that my email would show up extra early this morning but I was wrong.  I lost count on how many times I hit refresh and was beginning to worry I wouldn't hear from him.  So glad when it finally showed up in my in box.  I was waiting for an appt. and may or may not have done a little happy dance.  The people around me may or may not think I am a little crazy. ;)  He seems in good spirits and despite the heat and water situation is doing great.  

Everything is going good.  My companions a nice guy.  The other Elder in the pictures from last week is Elder Lopez.  I'll send you some pictures at the end if the internet lets me.  It always depends on the internet.

We get water in the morning but not at night.  It helps for sure being able to shower at home.  I don't think we are moving yet but who knows?? I would rather not move, it is way too much of a pain to pack everything up.

Bad baptism had to be changed.  She couldn't come to church this week because her baby was sick.   She had to take her to the Dr because she had a fever and they have to come to church 3 times before they are baptized.  Not sure when it will now take place but it will eventually happen.

I will be with my companion Elder Diaz through Christmas I believe.  I think my last week with him is the week after Christmas and then I will be done training.  I get to Skype with all of you soon and that will be cool.  No worries my voice still sounds the exact same. (referring to my letter that I was beginning to forget what he sounded like ) :(  

They don't celebrate Halloween here but on November 1st they have day of the dead.  Everyone goes to the cemeteries to pray to their family that has passed.  It's a lot different and actually a little creepy.

My favorite thing to eat here so far is Tortilla Paraguaya.  It's really good.  I don't know how to describe it but it's their version of a tortilla and I really like it.

The animals here are a lot the same just everything is bigger.  Moths are the size of my hand and are poisonous as well.  They scare me to death! We had one in our house the other day and I about pooped myself.  We also had the worlds most deadly spider as well.  He got loose in our house but no worries.  We found him and killed him!!

Not too many stories right now, we talk to a lot of people but they are lazy here and don't want to leave their houses.  It's hard to get people to come to church.  

The people in my branch are very nice.  We are fed lunch 3 days a week and someone washes our garments.  My favorite family here is the Alma family.  They have been like my family while I am down here and take good care of me and keep me alive. :) 

I see my MTC companion every week at Stock.  It's the Walmart of Paraguay. Around 10-12 missionaries all go there at the same time to buy their food for the week.  It's fun to run into the other missionaries there.  Tomorrow I have to go fill out some paper work in Asunción with all the other new Elders so I will see everyone tomorrow I lived with at the MTC. That will be fun to see everyone.  

I know who she is (Referring to the sister missionary who is a niece of the Jarman family in our ward.  She is currently in the MTC and  will be in Paraguay in a few weeks) She was in my Seminary class when I was a Junior.  Her last name is Jarman I believe.  She is nice. 

It seems like I have been out for longer than 2 months.  Before you know it I will be heading home.

I can't believe you let me live here, hahaha.  I am learning so much.  There is nothing like tis in the US.  I am well adjusted now with the cold showers, giant bugs and people running around naked everywhere.  It all just seems normal to me now. 

The weather has been crazy.  It changes from one day to the next.  One day it rains and the next day it is hot as ever with crazy humidity.  It rained yesterday but it hasn't rained HARD yet so it's not bad.  It just makes everything muddy here. Today it's hot as can be.  We have our district activity after this and we have a BBQ and are playing a sport they play here called PQ Volleyball.  It's like volleyball but with your head and feet, it should be fun.  

My pants don't fit anymore and my belt is tightened to the max.  I'd rather not loose weight but I think by the end my pants are going to be falling off. ;) Oh well, what do you do?? 

Love you, 

Jake and I joke about that since I am writing this blog I could pretty much say whatever I wanted and nobody would know it wasn't him.  We have joked about adding the "You are the best parents ever" line or the "I don't know where I would be without you".  You know the stuff he most likely won't say but we know he feels...hahaha.  So today I had to giggle when he sent a quick email after his first one asking me to do him a favor.  He needed me to enter his SS# in to the church website for him.  After asking me for this favor he added...
"One more thing I forgot to tell you.  I take the pictures I have with me everywhere I go.  When  we teach about how important families are in the gospel I show everyone the pictures I have.  Every single person has said the same thing to me, which is..."que linda" which more or less means that you're pretty.  They don't talk about anyone but you.  Yesterday this 76 year old guy couldn't get over how beautiful you were haha.  You have a lot of admirers here. :) " 

This cute missionary of mine sure knew I needed a little pick me up this week.  I love him so much and look forward to Mondays.  Who would have thought I would love to hear about bugs and naked people so much?!? 

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cute missionary of mine.  Until next week :) 
 This is a picture taken last week on Pday of some of their investigators.  They took Drew and his companion Elder Diaz to see the Church of Yaguaron.  It is a famous Franciscan church in his city.  It was built by Fray Alonso de Buenaventura and his followers and took 60 years to build.  It was at one time the home of Dr. Francia, one of Paraguay's most infamous dictators. 

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