Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Everything is AWESOME!

He is officially in Paraguay. :) I received a text from flight tracker this morning (Yes I stalked his flight) that said he had landed.  I wasn't expecting to hear anything from him today but secretly had my fingers crossed...and my toes, that I would at least here he was there safe.  To my surprise I did!
He sounds so excited and happy and basically well...EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!

"Hey Mom and Dad,
I am officially in the best country in South America.  First impression of this place is it is HOT.  I got off the plane this morning at like 9:30 here and it was already hot as can be.  Hopefully I can get used to that.  I already love it here.  I don't meet my trainer until tomorrow morning so I'm hoping for the best.

Today and tonight we are staying at the mission home.  I got picked up by my mission president today and even though he doesn't speak any English he is AWESOME. He has a sense of humor just like you Dad.  All of the missionaries I have met here are AWESOME.  The part I'm staying in right now isn't too bad minus the driving maniacs.  I almost died like 4 or 5 times on the way here.  The missionary that was driving was probably going 50 down a neighborhood street.  It was scary.  I haven't gotten my package from these guys yet so I might have to do some looking around to find it. HAHAHA

Talk to you guys on Monday when I have a whole bunch to say.

Love and miss you guys
Your favorite son

My day is now officially AWESOME!  So grateful he was able to email us and let us know he is there  and safe.  He may be HOT but he is safe and seems so excited to finally be in Paraguay! I can't wait for Monday to hear all about his new companion, the area he is serving in and how he is adjusting to the heat.  Oh and let's not forget the letter that he promised me...If you need me I will be parked out by the mailbox. :)


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  1. I need a "LIKE" button!! Glad he is there and safe :) How many dots do you have??