Thursday, October 9, 2014

No more need to stalk the Mailman...

I can officially stop stalking the Mailman.  The letter he promised us made it to our house safe and quick!  It was fun to hear from him on a day other than Pday.  It was also nice to see that he can spell correctly and knows how to use punctuation and capitals.  I was beginning to worry there a bit.  The emails he has been sending seem to be one long run on sentence most of the time.  :)  He says it is because the computer keyboards are in Spanish but I think it is because he is in such a hurry and he is a little too used to texting. :)  I sometimes have the same problem. Hitting space two times on the keyboard does not add a period! 


"Heugly Family, 

Hey guys. I thought I would write you guys a letter summarizing my whole MTC experience.  I got one stamp from the CCM president so I thought I might as well put it to good use.  Oh and CCM is MTC in Spanish.  I guess I will just tell you what's happened these past 6 weeks...good and bad.

When I first got here I was way nervous and had no clue what to expect.  I had just spent the last 24 hours at the airport and on a plane.  I hadn't slept well at all.  I probably had the worst seat on the plane.  It was the middle seat next to a 250 lb football player and a bigger lady who spoke no English.  She kept trying to talk to me the whole flight.  I knew NO Spanish at that point so that was fun. ;) 

I took a sleeping pill and slept for like 6 hours.  The flight was 13 hours long or so which meant I spent like 7 hours staring at the seat in front of me.  They had so many movies on the plane and I couldn't watch any of them, it was rough.  

Once I finally got to the CCM I thought I was going to get to sleep but that didn't happen.  We got right down to business.  I had an interview with the CCM President and his wife.  The President was making sure I was worthy and his wife was making sure my health was good.  No worries, I passed both.  After that they had me unpack and go meet my companion or companions in my case.  I just happened to be one of the the kids in my group that was put in a trio.  The rooms aren't bad.  It's just 6 bunk beds, 6 lockers and an ironing board.  

I think I have told you pretty much everything about my companions.  Their names are Elder Horton and Elder Hansen.  They are both from Utah

Big events at the CCM are getting teach a lesson with 4 other missionaries to a couple, who are now taking the actual discussions from the missionaries in their area.  They can actually learn from someone who can speak Spanish now. :) 

I chipped my tooth while I was sleeping somehow.  I woke up and it was gone.  I'm pretty mad about that.  It's my right front tooth. You can't tell in pictures or anything but if you get close you can tell.  I expect my dentist appt. to be set up when I get home in 2 years. hahaha  I'm just hoping that it doesn't get any worse. There is NO way I am letting anyone down here put their hands in my mouth.  

Other than that nothing else has really happened while I've been here. Wait just kidding...there has been a lot of pranking going on.  The President found out about everything because some Elder told on everyone.  One of the Elders in my district poured a bucket of water on another Latino Elder and it made him so mad he wanted to go home.  So President called all of my district into his office and said  it needed to STOP.  I had nothing to do with it but a week later he called in all the Elders and we had a meeting.  He talked to all of us and told us that we need to grow up and take things seriously, which made sense.  He was mad at everything going on again.  I was in the clear and haven't caused any trouble. 

That's about all the major events while I have been here.  Everyday is the exact same.  My schedule is...wake up at 6:20, 10 minutes before everyone else so I can have a warm shower. Breakfast at 7:20, I eat cereal every single day.  8:00 Personal study, 9:00 Tall ( a computer program we use to learn Spanish), 10:00 Grammar which is taught by a teacher. 11:00 more study until lunch at 12:15.  After lunch gospel study until 1:30 then companion study until 3:30.  At 3:30 we have physical activity then at 5:00 more grammar until dinner at 6:45.  After dinner more gospel and grammar until 9:00 when we have planning until 9:30.  After that we have an hour before bed at 10:30.  That's about it and we do this over and over again except for P-day on Thursday and Church on Sunday.  

By the time you get this I should be in Paraguay. I'm stoked for that but I don't feel ready.  Hopefully I can get the language down and all will be well.  

Love and miss you guys like crazy.

Love and miss the cute missionary like crazy too! 
 Horribly blurry pictures but I had to document the first letter we received.  Made my week!! :) 

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