Thursday, October 2, 2014

Chipped tooth and Goodbye Argentina

I am still doing a dance from last weeks surprise email.  You know the one with all the pictures?
The email that assured me that YES my missionary is still alive and is doing well.  It may be a while until I stop. :)

This weeks email didn't have any pictures attached but he seems upbeat and excited to be finally leaving the MTC.  Excited to get to Paraguay and meet his new companion and find out where he will be serving.  I think I might be almost as excited as him.  I may not sleep until I receive his email letting me know he has made it safe, especially since he wrote in his email to Laken that he had had a nightmare.  You know the typical nightmare of your plane crashing and landing in the middle of nowhere!  Seriously!?! Definitely not going to be sleeping next week. :)  If you need me I will just be reading and rereading his letters and looking at his pictures.  Did I mention how much I loved getting pictures last week? ;)

"Hi Mom. Glad you liked the pictures.  I haven't taken anymore so none this week.  I like them both (referring to Elders Greene and Tripp) they are both really nice. The Elder they are holding in the picture is Elder Brumble.  He is going to Uruguay so I don't think you would know him.  

That leak sounds a lot like the showers that I take (talking about our lovely leak we had this weekend UGH!) Haha water pressure is NO GOOD here.  Sorry the ceiling fell through, that stinks.  Just another malfunction in the Heugly surprise! 

You don't know rain until you go to South America.  When it rains here it RAINS! 

I'm glad Sam is being aggressive and winning her games.  I'm super impressed.  She's making me proud.

My weeks been good. Not much has happened at all really.  Just class over and over and over again.  I leave Tuesday morning at like 3:30 am so that exciting.  Other than that not much.  

OH BAD NEWS THOUGH (just what every mother wants to read!) I chipped my tooth playing soccer.  It's my front right tooth just at the bottom and there's no way I can get it fixed here, so I'm out of luck for the next 2 years.  Not my favorite thing to deal with. Hopefully I don't look too funny." 

Is it sad that when I read this I thought of Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber. This  is now how I picture him looking?  He better send pictures fast!                       
"I guess when I get home first thing I want to do is go to the dentist and get this thing fixed.  It's already driving me NUTS! I am just hoping it doesn't get any worse. 
You and Dad can definitely pick me up.
You're going to have to bring me new clothes to wear though.  I can already tell what I have is going to get destroyed these next 2 years, especially when I'm always sweating all the time. 

Not too much in Argentina.  No cool stories, didn't eat any food or anything.  My companions didn't want to.  We handed out 5 book of mormons and met some really cool people. 5 people gave us their numbers so that the missionaries can contact them, so that's cool."  (HOLD UP...I thought he said NO COOL STORIES? Ummmm...handing out 5 book of mormons sounds pretty amazing to me. ;)). 

My favorite thing about the MTC is playing soccer outside which is what I am going to do right after I'm done emailing today.  My least favorite thing is being in class the entire time.  I can only handle being in one room for so long.  

I haven't had to speak again. Which is nice since you  know how much I love talking in front of's no good. ;)

My MTC President is President Willis.  He knows me and I know him but I don't have any issues or need a counselor like some of the Elders so I haven't gotten to know him too well.  By Counselor I mean someone who they talk to when they are homesick and what not.  His wife fixed my shirt sleeve that had a hole in it for some reason.  She's really nice. 

I know we leave early in the morning Tuesday, but a that's about all I know right now.  I think they expect our bags to weigh a lot.  They gave us a whole bunch of books when we got here. 
I'll take more pictures when I get to Paraguay.  It's hard here because not much happens and we're inside all day.  

I believe I get to email you guys on Monday next week telling you I'm leaving but that 's about it. 

Love you tons.  Thanks for sending a package.  It means a lot, I can't wait to get it!
Love Andrew

Monday is just around the corner and I can't wait! I am so proud of this cute missionary and am excited for him to finally be in Paraguay and meet the people.  I know they are going to love him as much as I do.  

One thing I loved reading in Laken's email this week was that he receives so many emails. 21 to be exact this week.  HOW AMAZING is that? Even more amazing...he responds to all of them.  I know he only has an hour and that many of the emails he sends back are just a couple of sentences, but he appreciates them. What an amazing support system he has.  He is ONE LUCKY AND LOVED MISSIONARY! 

Here are a couple of pictures from last weeks email I forgot to post.  I call this one ROOM WITH A VIEW... No wonder he's is excited to get to Paraguay.  Is it bad that this picture looks to me a bit like prison?!? However I am grateful for this gates surrounding him and keeping him safe. Especially since it was announced this week that there has been an increase in robbing and kidnapping in Argentina.  

I love this picture. It puts into perspective the size of the MTC.  No wonder they go a little stir crazy ;)  I also love the cute little car in the front of the picture. I am sure Andrew's "beater...Dora the Explorer is looking a bit plush at the moment. :)

Love Love Love My Missionary...Only 694 days left...but whose counting? 

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