Friday, September 26, 2014

Packages and pictures...

Disclosure:  Today's post is going to be long... I have a lot to say...Today is a good day...His package arrived in Paraguay and WE GOT PICTURES!!

I have been beginning to wonder if my cute missionary still existed.  I mean I get his weekly emails and he seems to be happy  and his regular funny self but, SERIOUSLY a mom needs more proof than that!!

Last week when I got his email I was a little ticked (just being honest here) like eat a pound of chocolate ticked...yes I am that girl! :) His email was great.  His letter said he had a good week and he even had the opportunity to teach a couple from Argentina.  I was so happy for him,  but all I could focus on was the fact that there still weren't any pictures and my pants were starting to get a little tighter... all that chocolate you know :)

I needed an intervention STAT! I needed to step away from the chocolate and FAST! So I did the next best thing...I headed to the store to buy my cute missionary chocolate! HI MY NAME IS LIZ AND I HAVE AN ADDICTION TO CHOCOLATE! Seriously though it really does make everything better :)

We hurried home and got to work.  Throwing everything in a box and mailing it on it's way just wasn't going to cut it.  We had to add a little TLC.  Of course we recruited artistic help (Laken) I am anything but artistic!

We added cute little messages to the treats, added some of his all time favorite treats and things he is missing (kitkats, jalapeño chips and a hair brush), added a bunch of Spanish ctr rings to pass out to the kids, Cd's (this boy loves his music) deodorant (we have heard its not the same in Paraguay), and a couple of soccer jerseys he had forgotten to pack, one for the US and one for Paraguay. Oh and lets not forget his  mouse ears.  Strange you think?!? Well... we are headed to Disneyland next month. Wish we could take him with us but since we can't we wanted him to feel like he was included.  

We then decorated the flaps of each side of the box.  I should say Sammie, Alex and Laken decorated it, because let's be honest...I told you I have absolutely no artistic abilities.  

Taped up this hefty little package (9pounds) and sent it on it's way.  I actually mailed it Tuesday through a missionary shipping site I found.  Cost a pretty little penny but it was worth every cent.  I received an email this morning letting me know it was delivered today. It took 3 days! Mailing through the post office can take up to 6 weeks! 

So you see this week has been pretty good so far...

Then Thursday came...

"Hey Mom...It took me 5 minutes to read your email.  I think I am already forgetting English.  I'm glad the wedding and Sammie's birthday went well. better keep an eye on that kid, he's going to be in trouble.  It might already be time for the birds and bees talk. 

Glad Christian got to be a missionary this week.  Tell him when he teaches the whole thing in Spanish  to someone he just met he can come talk to me. :) 
Update on Santiago and Margerita (the couple they helped last Saturday), they weren't home when we went back on Saturday so that was unfortunate, but it's all good.  My companion is a district leader and was given a phone to use when we went out.  We text them and they are actually taking discussions from the "real missionaries" (I love when he says this...what is he then? ) It's cool to say that it all started with 5 missionaries giving them a lesson. 

Glad Ryan and Laken are doing good and are at our house all the time.  They better be leaving my stuff alone...hahaha...I expect everything to be in the same spot as when I left. ;) 

We went back to Argentina on Saturday and we go again these Saturday.  Spanish is tough out there.  These goons speak so fast its hard to understand them sometimes.  This last Saturday we had no success.  I think they put us in the hardest area possible so when we get out to the actual mission field we go in with low hopes and are surprised...
 But Whatever. 

On Saturday people were grumpy.  They would yell things at us when we were walking around and I would write down the words cause I had no clue what they meant.  When I got back to the MTC I looked them up and let's just say I won't be using any of what they said on my mission or ever hopefully! 
That's all for Saturday...

Now for your questions.  Some of the missionaries I have gotten close to are the Elders and Sisters in my district that I sit in class all day with.  They are Elder Brumble, Leavitt, Greene, Gibson, and then my companions Elder Hansen and Horton.  The Sisters are Harvey, Mcdougle and Hill.  I spend most of my time with them.

Favorite thing I have eaten so far were the empanadas in Argentina on Saturday.  I had one with chicken and it was good.  My least favorite thing I have eaten was at the MTC.  It was cornbread filled with egg and cheese and a whole bunch of tomatoes inside.  It was garbage! 

We get to go to the temple every Thursday so today will be my 4th time going.  It's all in Spanish of course.  The temple here is the coolest one I have been in.  It has a stain glass looking roof when you walk in.  It's really amazing.
Can't wait for the package
Love and miss you

Of course I loved his letter...I always look forward to Thursdays and hearing from him.  But let's be real here...I mean SERIOUSLY I just wanted to see my missionary. I want proof that he is happy and is making friends with the other missionaries and that his clothes are ironed! Don't judge...these are serious things to be concerned about. :) 
I sent him a quick email back hoping he would be able to read it before his time was up.  He responded that he of course didn't have any time but would see if he could sneak in later in the week and send some with an added...DON'T JUDGE. He is so my son :) 

Today I woke up to an inbox full of pictures...JUDGING was totally not what I did.  I may have screamed and cried and danced but judging? NOT AT ALL!!

I thought Thursdays were awesome but Friday  this week was better than awesome.  

He knows me well.  He knows I would have wondered if his room was being kept clean and if his clothes were nicely hung in his closet and not thrown all over the floor.  

 Not exactly sure what this is but I am thinking it is his "DUCK FACE" Selfie.  Love it! 

Where he spends his hour a day exercising :) 
 Study Time with his companions and other Elders in his district

Outside the CCM...He had told us it was one small building that they spent all day in.  I think I just might go a little stir crazy if it were me. ;)

The CCM 

 Elders in his district.  I am guessing these are the Latino companions he got to know and love before they left.  They only have to spend 2 weeks in the CCM. Notice the ceiling tiles above their heads.  They are looking a little out of place :)  I wonder why?!? Couldn't be because they have been playing pranks on the other Elders could it? 

 Out and about in Argentina on their Saturday tracting excursions

 Temple day with Elders in his district.  I can see Elder Tripp, Elder Horton, Elder Heugly, Elder Greene and Elder Hansen.  Not quite sure who the Elder being held is :) Guess I have a new question for this weeks email. 

Cute Elders and a very strange camera angle.  Love his smile in this picture.  Elder Greene is to his left and Elder Tripp is in front of him.  Don't they all look so happy?!? :) 

My weekend is now off to a great start! LOVE THIS CUTE MISSIONARY OF MINE!!! 

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  1. What a great letter and I loved the pictures!! What a great missionary you have and I am blessed to have a glimpse into his journey :)