Monday, March 30, 2015

New Area and New Companion

Hey Everyone,

It's been a great week.  I am in a whole new area and it's a whole new world here.  I have a new companion too.  My new area is called centro and it's really crazy.  It's located in downtown Asunción.  It is so different than Yaguarón.  I actually have to ring doorbells now and the people are much different.  They are much more educated.  There are no dirt roads and everyone has cars.  There are restaurants here like a Hard Rock Café, burger restaurants, Pizza Hut and Mcdonalds which is where we are headed after we are done here.  Right now I'm in a really nice mall.  So different than where I have been living.  I'm also really close to the river too.  I'm sure you can look up this whole area on google maps.  All of the streets have names and everything. :)  It is just so different than my last area.  I have spoken so much English this past week.  The people here are more educated and their houses are really nice.  It was quite shocking to come here.  I actually even taught my first lesson in English...CRAZY!  Most of the members here know English and use it in their jobs.

There is however a part of my area that is really scary called the chacaritas where we can't enter.  We can only go in with a member and we went in yesterday and it's crazy.  I saw a knife fight in there...pretty scary.

I am loving it here.  It's just so different.  All of the houses are smashed together and there are so many different roads and alleys to get lost in.  I actually prefer the ghetto areas the most.  The more wealthy people are the more unfriendly and accepting they are.  They haven't had a baptism in my area in over a year.  I am hoping to break this! :)

I'm glad that Romina messaged you.  She is awesome and I'm glad to hear they liked me there. ;) I do miss Yaguarón.  Especially since I left behind 2 baptisms.

My new companion is Elder Jensen.  He is from Utah and he is at least 6'5" or 6'6"...not exactly sure but he's tall! He is an awesome guy and a good cook so that is a bonus.  We get along really well.

Sounds like things are pretty boring and  the same at home.  I need some more stories!  Pac Man is a scary game Mom so you will have to watch out. hahaha

All is well with me.  I'm trying to get the camera to work so I will try and send a few photos if I can.  It can be tricky and sometimes takes a while to connect but I will do my best.

Today we are going to head out to a whole bunch of the tourist spots here because this is one of the best tourist spots in Paraguay so I will send some good ones next week too.

Oh and I still want you to come pick me up.  I have promised a few people that I will for sure come back and visit.  Can't let them down. ;)

Love you all,

 Our Mission Calendar with everyones pictures and all of the transfer dates marked. :) 
 My Old district when I served in Yaguarón.  
 Saying goodbye to Ana and her family.  Ana was my first investigator when I got to Yaguarón.
The Olmeda family.  The couple that was married and baptized that I taught but wasn't able to go to since my transfer.  

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