Monday, September 8, 2014

First letter (email) home...

Thursdays have just become my favorite day of the week!!  Thursdays are P days at the MTC and since Drew had just arrived in Argentina last Thursday he wasn't able to send us a letter.  He was too busy getting settled in and unpacking the suitcases that I WAY overpacked.  We loved getting his 3 sentence email letting us know he had arrived and was safe but, this week was so much better.

He is well and loving it.  Why was I worried? He was his cute self.  I could almost hear him talking as I read them.  He said before he left that he would email anyone who emailed him and he did just that yesterday.  He was a busy little guy.  I was receiving phone calls and text messages all morning asking if I had received my email yet and I hadn't. :(  I became a little worried for a while there however I joked that  he must have been saving the best for last :)

I finally received my letter and it MADE MY DAY!!

His emails lack punctuation and capital letters.  I joked that he must be used to texting and is a little rusty on the keyboard, however I learned from his letter to his cute girlfriend Laken that the keyboard is in Spanish.  He is still trying to learn how to use and understand it.  I guess I should cut him a little slack. :)

His emails to everyone were quite different and it has been fun to piece them all together and get a glimpse of what his first week was truly like.

Here are a few of my favorite things he shared...

"I got here and it was nothing like I expected.  We got here and they gave us our tags and made us official.  Then we got straight to work.  NO time for rest even though we hadn't slept in almost 24 hours.  The first day was killer.  They then gave us a welcome talk and explained the rules and everything.  They told us where we would be sleeping and how everything works.  They told us what our jobs were while we are here.  They put us on garbage duty, I'm sure that will make you happy. NO maids for me.  Its alright thought because it's the only time I get to leave the gates of this place. "

In another letter he explained that the MTC is surrounded by large gates and that there is a security guard.  He joked that he didn't know if this was to protect them from something on the outside or to prevent them from escaping. :)

"We are in one building that has 3 floors.  We spend most of our time being inside which is killer.  They keep us busy for the full 16 hours we are awake.  It's a tough schedule to live by, especially getting up at 6:30am...I'm not a morning person for sure! However the cold showers in the morning really wake me up.  I'm on the top floor and when everyone is showering at the same time its hard to get hot water to the top floor, at least that is what the older kids who leave in 5 days tell me."

I loved how he called them "older kids".  Pretty sure most of them are the same age but since they are ahead of him in the MTC they must be older.

" The food isn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.  I have no clue what I'm eating but it tastes good so I just don't look and hope for the best.  It usually hits me later...if you know what I mean.
My favorite part of being here is playing soccer with the latinos.  I'm going to be amazing by the time I get home.  I have no clue what they are yelling when we play but its fun.  I'm one of the biggest guys here and have already gained respect from them with my header ability.

My companions are Elder Hansen and Elder Horton. Yes you read that right there's 3 of us.  There are both from Utah and I get along with both of them.

I'm picking up the language fast, the gift of tongues is definitely a real thing.  Thanks for the love and support and especially the letters.  I have opened half of them already and they have been a real life saver. "

Love and miss you guys,

In his letter to his Grandma Ellis he told her that he can already pray in Spanish, bear his testimony in Spanish and almost has the first discussion down.   He talked about the gift of tongues and again said it really is real.
This is not a surprise to me that he is picking it up so quickly.  He was told in his patriarchal blessing he would have the gift of tongues as well as when he received his blessing from the Stake President.
It is comforting to know the language  isn't being a struggle for him.

In his letter to his uncles he thanked them for their love and support.  He told them his testimony is growing and he is learning so much.  He said it is amazing how much you learn when you have the spirit with you.  He told them both he was loving his mission and he knows this is going to be the best 2 years.

In his letter to his Grandma Barbara he thanked her for the surprise visitor but said it scared him to death.  He was called out of class and he thought he was in trouble.  He thought the Argentine police were there for him.  Poor guy :)  I am sure the yummy goodies made up for that!

In his letter to his Grandma Heugly he thanked her for all of her love and support.  He said he can't wait to get out in the field and start teaching the people of Paraguay about the gospel.  He again said he has learned so much in just the first week and said he knew it was because he had the spirit with him.

He thanked his Aunt Katie and their family for keeping him in their prayers, especially while he is adjusting to missionary life.  He mentioned the 6:30 wake up time and cold showers...I am sure this is a huge adjustment to him.  He asked her to let his cousin Chase (who is missing him a ton) know that he better watch.  He said the latinos (I love that he says that) have been teaching him how to be the best soccer player and when he comes home he is going to be the best.  Chase loves soccer and has missed his buddy to play with at family get togethers.

He told his girlfriend that he is going to be a real man when he gets home because of the 6:30 am cold showers.  Who knew that was all it takes!?!
He also told her that the tie she gave him before he left has gotten him many trade offers.  Something tells me he won't be taking any of them up on that offer.
He also told her about some secret passages in the ceiling that he has explored. !?!? UMMMM WHAT!?!?! Is this the same kid I raised?
 A close friend of ours told me not to worry about him.  He said the first day is rough but by the next day he will be in his room burning stuff.  I of course laughed and said I  can't ever imagine my cute missionary burning anything.  :)  He may not be burning anything but climbing in the ceiling sure surprised me.  I guess I need to add to my daily prayers a prayer that he won't get stuck up there. :)

It was so wonderful to hear from this cute missionary.  He is doing well and loving his mission.  I miss him terribly but know he is where he is supposed to be.  How many more days until next Thursday!?!

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