Monday, September 22, 2014

Another week and still no pictures :(

Another week and still no pictures :( .  I am beginning to wonder if my cute missionary even exists?  I was hoping to get at least just one.  I am dying to see this Bieber hair style he was talking about in last weeks email. :)  Until then I will just love this picture another mom posted of the Buenos Aires Argentina temple.  It is what Drew sees every day.  How beautiful!

A sister in my Stake  whose son Served in Uraguay, told me that her son wasn't able to send pictures while in the Buenos Aires MTC.  I am starting to worry that mine won't be able to either.  3 more weeks...I can do this!

This weeks emails were great.  He still is his funny self and I can tell he hasn't lost his funny sense of humor.

"Hey everyone, I'll start off by telling you about Argentina on Saturday.  We started out getting onto a bus and then driving for about 45 minutes.  Their driving here is the scariest thing I have ever seen.  when you merge onto the freeway there are no lines so it is just pure chaos. Pretty much who ever has the biggest car gets on.  They don't have real lanes so cars drive wherever they want.  There are motorcycles driving all over the place just weaving in and out of traffic, it was crazy!

We drove past this area and it looked like a bunch of abandoned tree houses and they told us that this is where there were going to drop us off.  It looked like the hood. I thought I was going to poop my pants, it was terrifying.  Luckily they didn't leave us there.  They dropped us off in a little nicer city that in any other state you would want to avoid.  They dropped us off on a street corner in our zone and told us good luck.  Talk about scary!

We were supposed to talk to people to practice our Spanish and talk about the church.  This didn't go very well because when people saw 3 white boys dressed in nice blotches they would avoid us.  People would walk to the other side of the street and when we would try and say Hi to people they would turn their heads and say nothing to us.  It really sucked for a while.

Then about an hour in to our contacting we had a really cool experience.  We were walking down a street and saw another companionship waving us down.  We went over to them and they were trying to help a couple move mattresses into their house.  The only problem was that they wouldn't fit into their small front door.  We were able to help them lift them up onto the second floor balcony and get them into their house.  We then asked if we could share a message with them.  They let all 5 of us in their home and we ended up teaching them a 5 man was insane!
The man spoke a little English so that was very helpful as well.  We gave him a Book of Mormon and he was very interested.  His wife didn't understand the English parts so he would explain and she was interested as well.  We got his number and it sucks we we can't teach them again.  We are going to turn over their names to the "real" missionaries so they can learn more.

Other than that people yelled at us, a lot of not nice things I'm sure but I have no clue since my Spanish isn't the greatest yet, so that was good hahaha.
Then everyone started their siesta so there wasn't anyone to talk to, so we wandered the streets exploring. was good fun!

Glad everyone is having fun. Can't believe you are going on vacation without rude :).
My companions...who knows with them?  I try to avoid them at all costs but thats pretty much impossible, but oh well 3 weeks to go!

The pictures might be a no go until Paraguay.  :(
Tell Sam and Bridger Happy Birthday from me.
Love and miss you guys more than you know

Seems like he had an interesting week.  It also sounds like he is a little more homesick than I had thought.  He told his friend Ryan that he misses home and that it seems like no one else does.  He then joked that they must have all been beat or something, because how could they not be missing home ;)

Thanks to Laken for sharing her letters with us as well.  We get a little more of a glimpse into what his weeks are like.

" Hey :)  It seems like way longer than three weeks to me.  Everything is going well.  Only 3 more weeks left and I can finally get to Paraguay.  The never being alone thing is going to kill me.  All I have is the shower, they are way too close to me when I sleep.
I went out into Argentina and I'm pretty sure they don't send "real missionaries" there.  It was way to ghetto and everyone hates us there.  We would wave at people and they would just pretend that we weren't there.  It was hilarious to me but my companions would get so mad.  People would honk and yell stuff at us, also hilarious because I had absolutely no clue what they were yelling.  We taught one couple the whole time we were out.  Mainly we just walked around and got made fun of...jokes on them because I can't understand anything they are saying.  We talked to some teenagers that were probably part of a gang.  Bad idea! They kept calling us gringos.  We kept talking to them, they asked about the U.S. and we told them what we could.  They then started to tell us that the U.S. sucks and Argentina is better at everything.  Turned into more of an argument which was pretty funny until they looked like they were going to stab us.  I think they were either smoking something or were drunk. They got so mad so we took off and had to avoid them the rest of the day.

My soccer ability is pretty good.  Chase needs to be afraid ;).  The beard thing is a no go, not meant for me...I couldn't pull off a beard.

I got the spanish joke, its stupid though. ? Que le Dice una pared a otra? Nos Vemos en la esquiena!  In english What did one wall say to the other? I'll meet you at the corner.  My roommates from Spain find it hilarious so apparently Spanish jokes suck. And all they teach me in the MTC is words I can use for teaching so I have to learn all the spanish slang once I get to Paraguay.

The scripture you gave me inspired me.  I had to give a talk in church and I used it so thanks for making my life easier :)

Pictures are a no go :( You guys can see what I look like in 2 years from now, it will be a surprise ;).

Here's some questions for you...Favorite Class?  Favorite Teacher? Favorite Heugly at the mount minus me of course.
Tell me what's up in your life
Love and miss you

Crossing my fingers we can get pictures this week and if not...well...who knows what might happen ;)

Love this missionary of mine!

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