Thursday, September 4, 2014

Safely made it

Last Thursday morning we received our first email from Drew.  It was 3 sentences long.  It said...

"Hi Mom and Dad I made it to the MTC today after a long flight.  Everything went all of my luggage.  My P days are on Thursdays so email me before then if you want me to read them.  I only get to write three lines today or I would write more.  Love and miss you all.
Love, Drew"

I guarantee that Andrew was instructed when he arrived to send a short 3 line email.  I am sure he was told to email and let his parents know he had arrived safe, that he had all of his luggage (moms worry about that kind of stuff), and to let us know when his P day was going to be.

The Prophet Joseph smith taught that OBEDIENCE to the commandments leads to blessings from God. 

This cute missionary ought to receive plenty of blessings...being Obedient is something he has always been.  

The above picture arrived on Saturday morning via secret messenger.  Andrew's Grandma Barbara has a boss who works in Argentina.  She arranged with him  to have some treats and letters delivered to Drew when he visited the Temple.  The Argentina temple is directly across the street from the MTC.  It was such a relief to see his cute face with a smile on it.  I am anxiously awaiting this weeks email to find out about the other cute Elders in the picture.  

His email can't come soon enough!!

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