Monday, November 24, 2014

Things are going good...

Things are going good.  I'm glad you all still are thankful for me. HAHAHA 
Thanksgiving? What's that? HAHAHA   I won't be celebrating that for the next 2 years.  It's a real shame.  No worries though, I am in a very fun part of the country with lot's of crazy adventures happening. 

I miss Saturdays with the family.  Every Saturday when you guys are waking up and my day has already started I think of you guys going to Mcdonald's or Blackbear and all of the fun times that we had on Saturday.  I'm always thinking about what you guys are doing, kind of weird but it helps me through the tough times.  I just do what I have to do. :) 

No packages yet.  They give them to us in zone conferences and the next one isn't until December.  So sorry I haven't received them yet.  Maybe next week or something, I'm excited for the little surprise.  

No worries about snakes, I won't be bringing any of them home with me (referring to a funny missionary song he told us about in his last letter).  It's a great song and it really is a problem. I'm not even kidding so many people whistle at me it's scary.  I get called blonde here almost every day and I thought my hair was brown.  I guess it's not to them, who knows? 

I am still with Elder Diaz.  He's my trainer and so I am with him for 12 weeks.  After the 12 weeks he will go somewhere else and I will stay here for another 6 weeks, so about 10 more weeks in the area I am in.  The other Elders in my house went home.  It was sad because they were awesome but we have 2 new Elders living with us.  One is from Bolivia and he is a new missionary.  He has been out less time than I have been, and the other missionary is our District Leader and he is from Honduras.  They are both really nice kids but not as fun as the other Elders, but it's all good. 

We do Service now every Saturday and we do a little of everything.  We take two machetes and cut grass and tress and anything else you can think of.  It's awesome and the people love our help.  

No baptismal dates, not having much success there.  That's probably the low part but I'm trying and hopefully things will change soon.  Not a lot happened this week a lot of the same old same old.  I haven't had any running water for a full week and that has been terrible.  It's awful to shower in the morning I have to take a bucket to a neighbors house and fill it up and then take it back home and dump water on me.  It's awful! Hopefully we get water sometime soon.  It stinks really bad!! 

The family home evening we did last week went well.  They liked the cakes and are a really nice family.  They made us dinner too and it was awesome. They have 3 little girls ages 8, 6 and 4.  

Church yesterday was good.  I am the new ward pianist.  I play the piano for the whole ward.  It's one of those smart pianos that just plays the songs and all I have to do is click play verse and it plays the song for me.  They don't know this because it is in English so I get up there and play the piano and look like I really am playing.  It is hilarious. I got compliments on my piano ability, it's pretty funny. 

That is really scary to here about Chase (OMANA), I'm glad he is o.k. and that he is staying out to finish his mission.  He is almost done isn't he?

Good old Ryan (referring to his best friend).  I bet he is living off of top ramen and it's alright I live off of it too.  Tell him to spend a little more money at the grocery story and stop being so stingy!

Thanks for keeping me in mind.  I love reading all of your emails.  It helps me get through the weeks. Thanks for always being a good example to me.  I wouldn't be here right now if it weren't for your examples to me.  I pray for you guys like 4 times a day.  I can't wait to see you guys soon. 

For Christmas I think I am going to make a Skype account this week and then I will tell you when I will be on.  I'll have all the information for you next week.  I hope it all works out o.k.  It would stink if I couldn't talk to you guys.  I can't wait to talk to you guys.  Only a month left and by then I will have been out for 4 months.  It's crazy, time is going by quick. 

Love you all, 

Still no packages means he hasn't received his new camera yet. UGH! I am dying to see his cute face, Christmas can't come quick enough!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this cute missionary of mine
Until next week...

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