Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Better Week...

I was beginning to wonder if I would hear from Drew this week.  We usually hear from him around 8:00 in the morning each week which is 12:00 their time.  Today we didn't hear from him until later in the afternoon.  I was pretty much glued to the computer all day hitting refresh...yes I am that Mom.  It was great to hear from him and especially since his week was so much better.  Not sure this Missionary Moms heart could have handled another letter like last week ;)

"This week has been much better for sure. Time sure flies.  I woke up today and it was P day again.  Not sure where the time goes.  Next week I will have been gone 3 months.  I miss you guys but know I shouldn't be anywhere else.

 Thanks for the packages.  They give them to us in Zone Conferences so I won't actually get them until next month.  Can't wait to see what you sent.

I wish my companion could send you some pictures but his camera broke in his first area.  I am going to have Elder Lopez send you some pictures.  He only speaks Spanish and he is heading home on Wednesday.  You will be able to see the most amazing food that we make.  He is heading back home to Guatemala so look forward to that.  It will be exciting.

This week we found a new way to talk to the people.  There is a really poor part of our area.  Most of the houses are made out of whatever they can find to make them. The big storm that was a couple of weeks ago knocked down everything and so instead of just talking to them and trying to share a gospel message with them we decided to offer Service.  We do this every Wednesday and Saturday.  This past Saturday we were able to help 8 families.  We spent the whole morning doing anything the people needed and we gained a lot of trust from a lot of people this way.  I came up with the idea after last week and we have so many new investigators because of this.  It has been AWESOME! 

We are close on some baptisms but it is very hard to get people to come to church each week.  We have 7 people with baptism dates but they aren't until next month. You have to attend church 3 times before you can be baptized and it's hard to get people to come to church because everyone works on Sundays.  We are trying so hopefully next week we will get a few of them to come.  As people get closer I will let you know but for know we are just working with quite a few people.  

Today we made a cake and that is why I am so late in writing you.  We are taking the cake to a family that pretty much lives in a piece of plastic with a tin roof.  It is so sad but they are the nicest people.  They have 3 little girls that are awesome and we will head over there after we finish emailing and our p day is over.  

Not much is new.  Just working hard.  You wouldn't believe how much weight I have lost.  My pants are don't fit at all.  I have cut my belt twice now.  When I get the new camera you will die laughing and how big my jeans look on me.  I can't believe I used to fit into them. HAHAHA

It is crazy how little we have.  I definitely have been humbled.  It's going to be so weird to come home and have so many little things that I never thought I would appreciate.  

No complaining about the cold.  It just keeps getting hotter and hotter here.  The humidity blows my mind. I got to Paraguay in the rain and it still was hot.   I would love the cold.  It's going to be so weird having a Christmas without snow during the middle of the summer here.  Dad you should hope for snow.  Then you will be lucky enough to drive Dora the Explorer, good times in that car. 

The hardest part of my mission is being away from family and adjusting to the missionary life.  Going from having to so much to having so little.  I miss just being home and being around people.  Just the US in general.  It's very different here. 
My favorite thing about my mission is the people, especially the kids.  They all love me and I love them just as much.  I love seeing all the little kids who don't have anything but are so happy kicking around bottles and chasing me around. 

The greatest lesson I have learned so far is to be humble.  I have learned to not complain about anything and take whats thrown at me and move along as if nothing has happened.  

I would love some of Moms bacon.  I won't be eating that for 2 years.  The food isn't too bad but when I get home I am going to eat a lots of meat.  We don't get much meat here because we only spend about $20 US a week on groceries. There is no way we can afford meat.  

I am so sad that Kelly (Featherstone) moved.  How could he leave.  I leave on my mission and the ward just falls apart. ;) Tell him he was my favorite leader.  I can't believe he is gone...that is crazy.

Brighton is crazy now too.  I leave and everything falls apart.  I must have been the only thing keeping things together hahaha.  That's scary though (referring to the threat made over social media). Lucky son of a gun can't believe he got to miss school.

Also you asked what my favorite songs are I like to listen to...there is a missionary song called Snakes.  It is so funny go listen to it.  The songs that keep me going are Aaron Edsons Wondering and
Carters song by Emily Babcock.  They are AMAZING!   

Thanks for keeping me in mind and praying for me. I can definitely feel all of your love pushing me along.  It means the world to me.  I pray for all of you every single day.

Love and miss you all tons


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