Friday, May 8, 2015

No more Centro curse...

Hello Everyone,

This week was awesome.  We had a lot of success.  I'm really short on time this week so I will try and make this email quick and good.  I did end up having a baptism this week and it was awesome!

Everything sounds like crazy at home but it sounds like everyone is doing so good.  Tell Sam I am proud of her!

Here is a quick really cool story.  We have an investigator named Pinata and he is homeless.  He lives in the plaza and shines shoes.  He is very uneducated.  This last week in church he stood up and gave his testimony.  He said "Hi I'm Pinata and I shine shoes in the plaza.  I don't have parents but I come to church because the brothers bring me and I love it here"  He then went and sat down.  It made the whole branch cry, I even shed a tear.  He is awesome and only has to go to church one more time and then he wants to be baptized.

Anyway just a couple of short quick updates.  I will explain more when we skype this Sunday.

Also something else I will tell you on Sunday because it is a really long story and actually pretty funny, but I was robbed.  I'll make you wait until Sunday to hear it.  Don't worry,  I'm good but yes I was finally robbed.

Love you all and can't wait to see all of you and talk to you.  So sorry this email is so short.
Love ya a whole bunch.  I also have a ton of photos to send you next week. :)

OK so seriously he is in so much trouble on Sunday...OK not really but what a pill! Who tells their family they were robbed but makes them wait for the details.  Sunday can't come soon enough. in

This picture didn't come with any explanation.  Neither did the information on the baptism in this week sentence.  Yes I am calling this letter a sentence.  He needs to work on his letter writing! ;)  Seriously  this kid of mine ;)  He was supposed to have a baptism of Carlos but this cute new member looks just like Reuben from a picture a couple of weeks ago.  He was the investigator that they watched General Conference with at his house.  I guess we will have to wait until Sunday for details on this too.  Lots to talk about. :)  

Love this cute missionary of mine.

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