Monday, May 11, 2015

Baptisms, Investigators and Xbox...

Hey everyone! It was awesome talking to everybody yesterday.  I am kind of short on time today because of yesterday but I sent some great pictures and I will try and make this email good. :) 
Elder Jensen is a good guy.  We get a long really well and so time goes by quick.  There's not much we can complain about.  We are having success so there really isn't much more to ask for. Esteban and Elder Jensen loved our family.  They thought Dad was hilarious and Elder Jensen said he will have to take you up on the offer to come and visit sometime.
Esteban or stevo as Dad likes to call him, loved the family.   Thanks to you I now hooked up Esteban with my old xbox live account.  He loves you guys he thought he was dying without it!  He seriously bowed down to me and gave me the biggest hug.  He's a happy paraguayan with his xbox.  He is probably the only one in Paraguay that even has an xbox actually. hahaha 

Stevo was also really impressed that when he asked in Spanish what his name was that Dad knew what he was saying and responded. I have to say, I was really impressed too. :) 

Dad mentioned school and work when I get back.  Not too sure how I feel about that.  I may need to catch up on some sleep ha ha.  Just kidding I'll be working hard and studying when I get back.  

The week was great.  We were able to get 6 different people to come to church and also had another baptism.  We are working really hard and having a lot of success in the area.  

The baptism was awesome.  Emilio(Piñata) cried after.  He loved it and was super happy even though he barely fit into the pants.  We had to use my pants and still had to undo the belt and really squeeze him in there. ;)  He is an amazing guy and yesterday really was the best!

We have a few investigators right now and they are great.  Our first one is a Mom and two of her boys Sergio and Manuel.  They are 14 and 11 and they come and play soccer every Thursday and come to church every Sunday.  After one more time at church they are going to be baptized.  
Another investigator is Lily.  We found her doing contacts and she let us in to share with her.  She came to church this Sunday with her son and loved it.  Her boyfriend is a member in Spain so he helps her out a lot.  These are our 2 main investigators at this time.  Little by little we are going to progress with them.  They are all amazing. 

Not much more, I think I shared everything with you yesterday.  If I think of anything I will make sure to write it down and share it with you next week.

I am going to look into sending a package home this week.  It would be great to send some stuff home to you guys to keep it nice and safe.  As for souvenirs for you guys I figure we can buy them when you guys come to pick me up.  I still have no room in my bags so I'll buy them when I can finally ditch all my clothes and what not.  

It was awesome to see Ryan yesterday.  I'm glad he is going to talk to the missionaries.  It will be good for him to get going to church again.  I'm really happy for him.  

Thanks for everything.  I love you a lot.  Before you know it, it will be Christmas and I'll only have a few months left.  

Love  you all, 
Elder Heugly

P.S. I have never played xbox here hahaha :)


 My District

 Here in Paraguay they don't have lost dogs, they have lost monkeys.

Baptism of Amelio (Piñata)
 Just after Amelio (Piñata) was baptized.  He was so happy.  :)

Eating at a restaurant with my district.  I'm eating Shrimp Fried rice..YUM! 
Divisiones and Restaurants

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