Tuesday, May 26, 2015

May 18, 2015

Hey Everyone,

This week has been a good one.  We had a lot of success and were able to get 4 people to church this week.  This upcoming Sunday we will have a baptism.  There names are Sergio and Manual.  Things couldn't be better.

Things have been working out great with all of our investigators.  Right now we are working on getting the permission of two teenage girls that always come to church with a couple of member families.  If we get the permission they could be baptized at any moments.  We are still using the brownie tactic and it seems to usually work. ;)

Not much new besides that.  I took some pictures this past week of when we crossed the bay.  We went over to this little island type thing where we could see all of our area and so that was really cool.

Sounds like things are pretty boring at home.  You need to start doing something interesting so you can tell me about it.  Sounds like you guys are all ready for summer.  I would love to sleep in hahaha.

Wow on Justin Hebertsons call to  New Zealand.  That is exciting.  They are all going to some really cool places.  Time is sure flying by.  I can't believe when they all leave I will have been gone a year.  This is supposed to be the slow part of my mission. They say after the year mark time flies by...I can't even imagine it going by any faster.

Stevo is really liking the xbox.  He is such a funny guy.  He went out with us yesterday and he showed us a house of a friend.  He said he would only show us the house if we went by when he wasn't with us.  We agreed and when he showed us the house we decided to ring the door bell.  He headed for the hills  hahaha.  Luckily for him they weren't home.  We will have to go back. :)

Not much else is new here.  Just the same old stuff in the life of a missionary.

Love you all a ton.  Try to be a little more interesting next week...even if you have to lie ha ha ;)

Love you a bunch
Elder Heugly

 Crossing the river 
 On the island with our area in the back ground 
 My area 
At a BBQ

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