Monday, February 23, 2015

February 23, 2015

Hi everyone,

My week last week was good.  We had another baptism this week and things are going well.

Sorry for the confusion about who my companion is.  He is from Honduras and he has been serving in Paraguay for a year and 3 months.  He is awesome and we get along really well.  The Elder from Bolivia has been here less time than I have and he is the one who used to kiss the pictures. ;) My companion is the one who had his heart broken from a Dear John from his girlfriend. :(

Church yesterday was great.  We brought some investigators to church.  We also had ward council and are planning a really cool activity for the ward to help out with mission work.  We are really excited about this.

Our investigators are good.  We found a really neat family and they said they have always wanted to go into the church and see how it is.  They have accepted to be baptized in 2 weeks as a family so please pray that everything goes well.

I do a lot of "divisiones".  This is where I get to go to other parts of our area because my companion is the district leader.  A lot of the time I get to work with the other companions in my district.  It's a great way to get to know other parts of the mission and get to know other Elders.  Tomorrow I get to be in another area.

Today we will be going back to visit with the little girls so pray for them.  We are going to try again today to get their father's permission to let them be baptized.  Wish me luck and keep me in mind.  We will be heading there around 2:30.

I'm slowly coming out of my shell.  I like my shell but it's slowly peeling away.  I definitely feel more comfortable.  We are always going up to random people all the time so helps. :)

Neat story this week.  It is the story about how we found the family I mentioned earlier.  We had plans to go to my companions side of the area because we switch off every other day.  When we left our house I had the strongest feeling we needed to go to my area.  I had a feeling we needed to visit an area that we have gone to before but haven't had much luck.  There was one house I hadn't visited yet and I had the strongest feeling we needed to go there.  We decided to go there and it just so happens the family was sitting outside together.  We taught them about faith in Christ and baptism and they were so happy to hear from us. They are the family that has accepted to be baptized in 2 weeks.  It was the greatest feeling.  Always follow the spirit.

A mission is hard.  There are days where I would love to take a day off and sleep.  Most days we leave in the heat and walk around just to be rejected. But then we find those people that do want to listen and it makes it all the hard work worth it.

I can hardly believe that this week will make it 6 months that I have been gone.  It's so awesome but sad at the same time.  I love my mission even though it gets hard at times.  I know I shouldn't be anywhere else.  I love it and will be so sad to leave when the time comes.

I love you all
Thanks for keeping me in your prayers.
Elder Heugly

 Our baptism of Irma this week

 Me sleeping.  My companion took this...he thinks he is so funny :)

My companion Elder Guerra and me 

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