Monday, February 16, 2015

New Companion Elder Guerra from Honduras

Hey everyone, 

How is it going?  A lot has happened since I last wrote you.  2 big events have taken placed.  Ana was baptized on Saturday and I have a new companion.  

He is from Honduras and his name is Elder Guerra. He was in the other companionship that was living in the house with me and Elder Diaz.  We are still in Yaguarón but right now we are the only missionaries here.  We have all of it and we have a lot to do now with such a big area to ourselves.  We get a long really well since we already knew each other and lived together so it hasn't been much of a change.  This is the first time this week I have had to use English so sorry it it is bad. ;)

We now have the house all to ourselves.  There used to be four of us and now it is just the two of us so we have our own everything...own fridge, own bed (he used to share a bunk bed with his other companion) 

We have a whole bunch of new investigators but I barely know them right now.  I will let you know more about them as I get to know them better.  

The girls didn't come to church this week.  Not sure what happened.  I haven't been able to visit them in a while but I will let you know next week if anything changes.  

The baptism of Ana was really nice.  It only took me one try this time. ;)  She was terrified of the water but all went well and she was confirmed yesterday in church.  Ana was my first ever investigator and it was so nice to be able to baptize her.  I wasn't sure I was going to be able to with transfers.  

Ryan told me about Elder Evans.  So sad. Hopefully he gets feeling better and gets back out there.  

Thanks for thinking of my birthday already.  Garments and ties would be great.  I told Dad about a scripture case I really could use.  Anything else would be awesome.  Maybe some scripture markers and pens.  Gum of course is always nice and whatever treats, chocolate and gummies like the blue sharks with the white bottoms, anything really.  Can't believe I am almost 19.  

Tell Mom not to worry.  This wasn't my 1st transfer.  I  am on my 5th right now.  It wasn't scary...LOL...tell her to give me some credit. Hahahaha

Love you all a lot.  Thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers. 


 My Old District 
 My Old District being CRAZY! 
 Ana's Baptism 
(Loving the dog in the picture and could Elder Heugly's pants be any bigger on him?!? He is seriously melting out there) ;)
Present left in my notebook from my companion Elder Guerra 

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