Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Still in Yaguaron

Hi everyone, how are things going?  It was awesome to be able to talk to you all on Christmas Eve.  It definitely didn't make things easier though.  It's fought to be away from everyone on Christmas.

I am so glad you all got snow for Christmas.  Christmas isn't the same without it.  I just pictured Mom going down the hill sledding and to be honest that is a really funny thought.  HAHAHA of course she waits to do all the fun stuff when I leave.  I see how it is :)

Christmas was kind of lame.  We had to go home early for safety purposes so we ended up just hanging out in the house, singing Christmas songs and lighting off sparklers.  That was pretty much Christmas for me.  I did get all of the gifts for Christmas.  I think my favorites were the back pack and soccer jersey, that was way cool.  Thanks so much for everything, I love it all.

I was supposed to get up super early today for transfers but it turns out I am still in Yaguaron with Elder Diaz.  It looks like I will be here for a while.  I think what will end up happening is Elder Diaz will leave next change and I will stay here with a new companion.  I will get to show them the area and then after that companion I will probably leave the area.  I will be in Yaguaron for a while.  It's pretty unusual usually after you are trained your companion leaves and goes somewhere else.

I haven't tried to use my debit card yet.  I'll give it a try next week.  I am going to buy the other Elder from Bolivia in our house some shoes.  The two pair he cakes with already have holes in them and he has been here less time than I have.  He needs a little bit of help.

Not much happened this week.  It's the holidays and they go crazy with their parties.  No one was home and so we didn't get to contact many people.  It was kind of a dull week.

I love you all
Elder Heugly

Mom, sorry for no pictures.  We found a better place to email from (the place I skyped you all from) and  I can send pictures easier no,  but I let the Elder (the one with the holes in his shoes) borrow my camera.  He doesn't have a camera to send his family any pictures. :( I will send some home next week I promise.  So sorry.


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