Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christmas Catchup...

I can hardly believe I am so far behind on the blog.  I guess being more organized should be one of my New Years Resolutions.  A lot has happened with Andrew the past month.  He is doing well and is loving Paraguay.   It was great to talk to him on Christmas Eve and see how much he has changed in the past few months. We love and miss this cute missionary.


Hey Everyone, 

I will try and send pictures today if I can today but it took me 30 minutes to get on the computer today.  I am hoping the internet gets better. 

So excited to be able to talk to you all next week.  I am not sure what time yet but I will give you a final time next week.  I might need to change the date also because the cyber might be closed on the 25th.  I will finalize everything this week and let you know.  

This week has been decent, not much has happened.  Church was good but I messed up playing the piano last week because the dang button got stuck so this I got was a disaster. hahaha  My new calling is a visiting teacher for women.  Other than that not much is happening.  Tomorrow I go to another area and am doing divisions with the zone leaders which means I will have water for the day.  That will be nice.  We finally figured out whats wrong with the water in our house.  The owner of our home has been getting the water illegally so things could be getting a little crazy at our house.  The water people from the city are coming to look at things today, that should be fun.  

Other than this nothing has really happened this week.  I will try to be more interesting next week. :) 
Oh I did get lost for  a while in the middle of nowhere, that was fun!! Besides that things have been pretty much the same.  

The members here make fun of me, it's pretty funny.  They make fun of me for being blonde, last time I checked my hair was brown.  So strange!?!

Everyone here is getting ready for Christmas.  Their biggest tradition down here is that they all take care of a pig all year. They get them nice and huge and then they kill them and eat them with their families on Christmas.  We are working on somewhere to eat on Christmas.  They don't decorate really but I have seen a couple of houses put up lights and I have seen a couple of Christmas trees.  They don't really do gifts on Christmas they just have a big family dinner.  

Thanks for the inspirational message.  I appreciate it a lot and as usual it was good to hear how everyone is doing.

Love you so much, 
Elder Heugly

I think I need to be a little more specific on what types of pictures I would like?  I am not exactly sure what he was thinking when taking or sending these pictures?  I am going to blame it on the heat.  


Hey Everyone, 
So since I get to Skype with my family for Christmas I only get 15 minutes this week to email.
All is well with me and I hope you are all well.  Talk to everyone next week.

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