Monday, January 19, 2015

January 12, 2015

The email from last week was not my fault.  The computer kept deleting everything that I was writing so I finally just gave up.  Things should hopefully be better this week.

We had an open house on Sunday and everything went well.  A lot of people came.  I brought 10 kids to it that live in a very scary part of town.  They loved it and loved the church.  They all came back with us to church on Sunday and 3 of them are going to be baptized this Saturday.  I will send pictures next week of all of it.  I can't send pictures this week because the internet isn't working too great.  They are going to be cutting out the lights in Yaguaron and so I am having to write everything really fast.

3 baptisms this week and then another next week.  I will tell you all about them next week.  Hopefully after these baptisms we will be able to baptize the man with the word of wisdom issues.  He is working on it.  All of them are related so it's pretty amazing.

They haven't told us anything about our new mission president. He won't be here until the summer but it should be interesting and exciting to have someone new.

Love hearing the stories about Mexico.  It is always nice to hear what is going on at home.

Talk to you all next week. Sorry this weeks is so short, problems of Paraguay ;)  I promise a longer email and pictures next week.

Love you all,

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