Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Testimony builder...

Hey everyone,

This week was a tough one. I am in a very tough area but have learned a lot being here.  I have learned to trust in the Lord and am learning to have faith.  Being in this new area is a real testimony builder.  So many people tell us that we don't have the truth but they just don't know.  We are rejected so many times that it is actually helping my testimony grow stronger.

Not much is new this week.  A lot of rejection but no worries we are still going strong.  We aren't going to give up and are searching for that golden person who wants to know the truth.

We have a few people we are working with but I don't really like to consider them investigators.  People here are mostly catholic and really like arguing so it's hard to have a good lesson and feel the spirit.  The problem is here in this area the people are educated and like to analyze everything and look for problems.  Most have the Internet and this gives us a lot of problems as well.  They look up anti Mormon stuff and its become a real pain but we try and help them understand what they read isn't true.

One investigator whose name is Luis comes to church every week but doesn't want to be baptized.  He has a few doubts still about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.  Today we are going to his house and we are going to have family home evening with him and make some brownies and watch the restoration movie and invite him to be baptized.  Please pray for him today also please keep us in your prayers that we will find that person who is looking for us.

Mom asked about the killing of the pig.  We did kill a pig and BBQ it and it was quite the experience.  First they grab him by the tail and then flip it over so my companion and I got to help flip it over.  Then someone takes a knife and they stab it in the heart.  After the pig is killed they cut it up and BBQ it.  It was actually very delicious.

Tell mom to not get too excited about skype yet. ;) We still have quite a bit of time until Mothers Day.  I don't know if I will speak in Spanish...I know you are all dying to hear it. hahaha Maybe you will get lucky and I will get a phone call while we are talking and you will hear me speak. ;) We will see though.  We will just let it be a surprise.

Sounds like everyone is doing great.  I can't wait to hear how Sam and Bridger do with their games.

All is good here.  We are fighting against the odds but we will continue to fight.

Love you all a lot

Elder Heugly

 The pig we barbecued
 Me and a turtle we found 

 The scariest bridge of all time.  It shakes and half of it has fallen in.  We have to cross it often and I don't like it. 

Me on the bridge

 This is Robertito.  He comes with me and Elder Jensen often.

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